16 Examples of eCommerce Websites Built with Divi

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16 Examples of eCommerce Websites Built with Divi

It’s no secret that eCommerce is big business on the web and, like any online business, online shops need websites that are well-designed and stand out from the crowd. They also need to easily handle any type of sales need. Fortunately there are lots of eCommerce websites on the Internet to help give you inspiration for your own designs and many of those website are built with Divi.

Here’s the list of 16 examples of eCommerce websites made with Divi. Since lots of websites have a store I chose websites where online sales was their primary purpose. Since many websites include links to external stores I only included websites where payments and shipping methods were integrated within the website. Although it wasn’t a requirement, these sites use WooCommerce as their eCommerce solution.

They are a great way to get inspiration for layout design, navigation, color, imagery, fonts, shop design, and more. The websites are in no particular order.

1. East of Africa

is a coffee roaster that specializes in coffee from eastern Africa. The homepage includes a hero image with parallax, a welcome section with text and images in a grid, large images, an about section, links to various options in the shop, a company quote, posts from Instagram, and a form. With only a few products, the shop page is simple and clean while providing multiple purchasing choices including individual bags and subscriptions. The site makes excellent use of layout design, images, and parallax.

2. Chicken Art

sells four types of artwork about chickens. The homepage includes a large hero image with a link to the shop and a floating Better Business Bureau seal, lots of quotes, images with hover animation and links to each of the shop categories, newsletter signup, and a form. Each of the four shop categories have their own link within the menu. Links to the WooCommerce account pages are placed within the top menu. The Divi Builder is used within the product descriptions. The site itself is simple but makes great use of branding, artwork, parallax, and section styling.

3. Studio Amara

creates and sells wood products used for cooking. The homepage is a full screen slider with a hamburger menu that opens on the right side of the screen. The bottom of the page contains a transparent footer with a link to the web designer and Instagram. The product category pages use animation overlays with the product names. This website is a great showcase of how a website can be both simple and elegant at the same time.

4. Nualgi Aquarium

sells products for all your aquarium needs. The homepage include a hero image with links to categories, featured products, testimonials, a product information slideshow, customer case studies, etc. The product pages include tables within the descriptions. The site makes excellent use of color branding and supporting information such as an integrated forum, blog, and other resources.

5. Sweet Cecilys

is a natural skin-care company that creates personalized products. The homepage includes links to the various shop pages, shipping information with parallax, a section for their Instagram feed that includes a follow button, and an email sign-up form. A chat box stays on the screen where visitors can chat online to have their questions answered. The product pages include social sharing buttons. The website makes great use of background designs and branded colors.

6. Lonnet Originals

is the online store of a leather accessories designer. The homepage includes images with links to the various collections, and sliders with links to the various pages. The products open within a modal window rather than a product page. The Style Guide page includes a full-width animation and links to the best sellers. The News page includes the latest articles from the Tumblr feed as well as from the blog. The site makes interesting use of sliders on the homepage.

7. Claret Wines

is a shop with hand-made wines from smaller wine makers. The homepage includes a hero image with parallax, information about events, specials, the latest products, a link to the shop, and a section with icons of all the brands they sell. The shop page includes categories in the sidebar and several sorting options to help you make your selections. The About Us page includes a grid with alternating images and text. The site is simple and clean while making great use of color and logos.

8. Modern Pink Paper

is a shop that creates personalized stationary. The homepage includes links to all of the shop categories within the menu, a slider, links to several products, a testimonial slider, and social links. A super slim signup form remains at the top of the screen. A Custom Options page gives you samples of choices with a download of all of the custom options. The product pages include all of the options within dropdown boxes and multiple text boxes for personalizing the products. The site uses elegant fonts and colors to match the branding.

9. Dugan and Dame

is a small shop that creates their own products such as drinks, oils, spices. The homepage has a hero image with the logo in parallax, links to products, and an email signup form. The shop link in the menu includes links to the various categories where the products are displayed in full-width. The product pages include social sharing buttons. This website keeps it simple while highlighting images and branded colors.

10. Victoria Alexis

is a jewelry and accessories shop focusing on elegant collections, individual items, and sets. The homepage includes all of the shop categories with the menu. It includes a slider, links to featured shop areas, a product section with tabs for latest, featured, and best-selling products, and a special footer reminiscent of larger stores like Amazon with sections for About Us (which includes terms of use, affiliate program, privacy policy, etc.), Shop, Customer Care (account information), and a small paragraph about the company. This is a clean website with a focus on simplified page design, elegant colors, backgrounds, and matching fonts.

11. One Leaf

is the website of Kat Atkins where she sells handmade custom jewelry. The homepage includes a slider with links to the shop, featured products, a note from the owner, a slider with links to media that has featured the products, a testimonials slider, a styled email signup form with an image background, and and social information. The site uses branded colors and interesting background patterns.

12. Jamboo Headphones

sells their own headphones and speakers made from bamboo. The homepage includes a slider with links to the shop, a product description video, a link to what’s new, featured products, product information using parallax, social buttons, and navigation links. Your cart total remains on the screen while you scroll. The site is simple and makes subtle use of bamboo in its branding, which shows up in parallax backgrounds.

13. TU Bebebox

is a gift shop for mothers and babies. The homepage includes a hero image, links to the shop categories, links to various pages, products, media where the website was showcased, and a form. Links to WooCommerce account pages appear in the top menu. The Store menu link has links to all of the product categories. The site includes great use of branded colors which continue to the product pages.

14. Startup Stickers

creates custom stickers for your brand. The website uses a single page design that contains a hero image, icons of clients, information about the service, the pricing structure, how it works, links to pages, testimonial, FAQ, and information. It uses Fancy Product Designer with WooCommerce so customers can design their products. They can manage layers and colors, upload images, and choose devices for the stickers to be designed to work with.

15. Doodad and Fandango

is a pop art and accessories brand that creates hand made products. The homepage includes animated sliders, information about the company, a product slider, links to product categories with animated images, and a footer menu. Links to a few pages are placed within the top menu. The website uses lots of product image animation – often animating a single portion of an image. All pages and images use bright colors that fit well with the company’s branding.

16. The Bro Basket

creates and sells gift baskets and products with men in mind. The homepage includes a hero image with links to product categories, featured products, and a section about the company’s mission. The blog includes lots of buying tips while the menu shows the shop categories. It also has several links within the top menu. The website makes great use of color branding and images in the page titles.

Final Thoughts

These 16 examples of eCommerce websites created with Divi show that Divi can easily handle websites built for online sales. These sites a great for providing ideas for layouts, shops, colors, navigation, use of images, animations, etc. If you need design inspiration for an eCommerce website, these are sure to spark your creativity.

What are some of your favorite elements of these Divi eCommerce sites? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured Image via Yuyula / shutterstock.com


  1. Yikes! And I *just* changed all kinds of stuff around on my website! (Chicken Art, to make it simpler for my customers who apparently are so unfamiliar with parallax that they were calling it “window shades”) 🙂

    But THANKS so much for featuring my site!

    • Your site’s a real jewel, Sarah. Congratulations on getting it mentioned on this list. You rock!!

      • Hey Pablo! Thanks very much, I’ve been trying to get it more user-friendly lately 🙂 Got the database down to a manageable size too LOL

  2. I would love to see some info about how these sites are made. The Amara site, for example, is very elegant and beautiful, but I have little idea how to build one like it. Would be great to have its designer or developer give us an overview (or even details) about how it was put together.

  3. Great article with a nice cross section of examples……Divi ROCKS!!

    • yes, Divi is really good.

  4. These sites are very interesting. I am wondering if there is a good classified theme where the website allows members/people to simply post their own classified ads with a photo for free, and also post some ads for a cost. The ads are posted for a certain length of time on the site or the person can delete when the item is sold. Such as selling a horse or related items.

  5. I love the concept of Amara’s website, but I’m only getting a full screen carousel in Chrome on Win10, no hamburger menu anywhere. Strangely it works fine with IE!

  6. I particularly enjoy Dugan & Dave’s and Studio Amara’s websites.
    Some nice inspirations here!

  7. Some of these sites look great, but have serious usability issues. Take the Amara website – on screens over 1600px wide (most fullscreen HD displays) the menu disappears. Users can enjoy six images of food on boards, but have no idea what the site is about, or what to do next.

    Concentrate on adding your products and working on your descriptions, then add the flair.

    Otherwise you will have a brilliant looking website where no one will actually buy anything.

    • I totally agree! In fact this was my exact problem a couple of months ago: designed my site with lots of gorgeous images, neato Divi CSS add-ons that I found allovertheplace (I am not a developer), added parallax everywhere because I love it, and then did some user testing…. half the users couldn’t figure out where the Shop was, despite the word SHOP front and center! Lessons learned, I am in the process of making things lots simpler for my customers now!

  8. Thanks for including The Bro Basket… I designed that site a couple of years ago 🙂

    • How did you edit the WooCommerce product pages so that it would not say “Product Description”?

    • Cool site, Cory. I especially love the typography.

  9. While lookin at some of the websites from this post I saw the webshop and notiched the sign up header on this webshop. Anybody got an idea how this is done with Divi?

    • Looked at the code and he is using Popupally.

      I had never heard of it till today.

  10. Those websites look great. I will recommend divi.

  11. Love Divi so much, really nice theme. Easy for devs, designers, and people that know nothing about coding 🙂 Lifesaver

  12. Looking for examples of Divi sites that sell digital products using Easy Digital Downloads plugin

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