WordPress 3.3 Has Been Released

Posted on December 13, 2011 by in General News | 37 comments

WordPress 3.3 Has Been Released

WordPress 3.3 was released yesterday. I’m loving the new interface and the drag and drop media uploader! We have been testing our themes on 3.3, and with each release candidate, and have not experienced any problems. If you are using the latest version of your theme then you should ok to upgrade. Don’t forget to always backup your website before updating WordPress. You can learn more about 3.3, aka “Sonny,” here: http://wordpress.org/news/2011/12/sonny/

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  1. I want to know how to disable persistent toolbar ?

    • Users->Edit User->Disable toolbar

    • The up top admin bar? There are plugins that do that.

      • Interesting ! What the name of that plugin ?

      • You don’t need a plugin to disable the admin bar, the feature to disable is already built in. Read the reply from Orun Kabir (above), where he says you can navigate to:

        Users >> Edit User >> Disable Toolbar

        • I mean to disable the persistent toolbar in the dashboard, not when viewing the site !

          The answer above can’t work !

          Anyone know ?

  2. Yes, it’s really great having fly out menu, enhanced admin bar and improved media section.

  3. Thats good to know. I’ve seen the upgrade now option up there all week, but I’ve been nervous about the upgrade. I’m using The Source, so I think I will upgrade it then end of the week after I check all my plugins.

    Thanks again for your AMAZING themes and support – best out there hands down!

  4. I haven’t any problem with upgrading to newest WP 3.3 at any of my websites. I looks really great but I hadn’t time to test all of the news included to new version.

  5. Thanks for info 🙂

  6. Been waiting a while for this release, super stoked to finally be running 3.3 stable!

    My favorite feature has to be the fly-out menus. Anyone else have a favorite feature?

  7. I love the new sidebar menu … you can access everything in one click now, insted of two …

    Nice job !

  8. After updating i got a media error, is this because of the theme, or am i just unlucky?

    • Please open a thread in the support forum and paste the exact error so we can take a look.

  9. On the InReview Theme the star rating for Authors (while constructing a new post on “ET Settings”) disappears… Any solution?

  10. Yeah, i had already upgraded mine to the latest and don’t experienced any problem yet. Loved the new bettered user interface. 😛

  11. I like the new WP 3.3. There is however a serious performance issue…

    It’s very slow! Also, see here: http://www.dev4press.com/2011/blog/benchmark/wordpress-benchmark-3-0-vs-3-1-vs-3-2-vs-3-3/

    I just spent half a day, downgrading client WP installs back to 3.2.1 as they were all complaining about the slower performance – This issue (performance) took me by surprise as I never expected that 3.3 would perform worse than 3.2.x

    I love WordPress, so I hope the performance issue is resolved.

  12. Yes I love the hover menu it eliminates all of the unnecessary scrolling. Drag and drop uploader also simplifies things.

  13. Must, Have… More THEMESSSsssss……

  14. I love the new sidebar menu … you can access everything in one click now..
    Nice job !

  15. WordPress 3.3 and Elegantthemes, thanks!

  16. Hey Nick–
    I just switched servers, and got the notice to update Carpetcleaninghaddontownship (I have Nova) to 2.3 (I have 2.2). Should I do that before updating to wp 3.3, or after?
    thanks a bunch,

    • I would suggest upgrading the theme before you upgrade WordPress.

      • Hmm, upgrade the theme before upgrading WordPress…any reason for this order? I’ve been doing things in the opposite sequence. Should I be concerned??

  17. The up top admin bar? There are plugins that do that.

  18. It’s great to know that ET is supporting WP 3.3 … Great Job .. I’m excited to upgrade all my WP installations 🙂

  19. Hello,

    Hello, I’m about to take the subscription developer but I have a question before:)
    Can I use the multisite your themes?

    thank you

    • Yes, you can. Let me know if you have any further questions.

  20. I’ve just installed this version on my xammp server. Running great so far.

    Is this version compatible with the prestashop bridge?

  21. File uploading upgrade is great.

  22. Hello, I’m about to take the subscription but I have a question before:
    Can I use the multi Pages site from your themes?

  23. Drag and drop uploader also simplifies things.

  24. This is an old news.
    The new features of WP 3.3 is really great.

  25. Thanks for sharing the news, I have updated the latest WordPress and running smoothly without any problem

  26. Yes, The new features of WP 3.3 is really great.

  27. I really appreciate this release. It’s stable and compatible with my prefered plugins.

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