New Theme: Flexible

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New Theme: Flexible

Flexible is a sleek and minimal portfolio theme packed full of some awesome features. The theme puts your work first, keeping the design elements to a minimum while still maintaining a definitive modern style. With its filterable/ajax-powered multi-media gallery, Flexible is perhaps our most feature-rich gallery theme yet.

Live DemoFeatures Info


Fully Responsive Design

Flexible is fully responsive, meaning that it will adapt on the fly to various screen sizes to insure that your website always looks great no matter what device is being used to view it. You no longer need to zoom and scroll around when browsing your website on your iPhone. The Featured Slider is even swipe enabled.

The design will look great on your tablet device too, in both portrait and landscape mode! Test out the preview on your iPad to see how the theme adjusts to make browsing as intuitive as possible.

Sortable Ajax Gallery

Flexible employs a sortable ajax gallery for its portfolio pages. Gallery items are loaded in smoothly using ajax, and can be sorted into different categories without re-loading the page. This makes browsing your portfolio a much quicker and more enjoyable experience.

The gallery also supports video! Simply input the URL to your youtube or vimeo video to add it to your portfolio alongside your image-based projects.

Unlimited Colors

Flexible comes with our CSS Control Panel, allowing you to easily adjust the theme’s colors and fonts. Choose from an unlimited number of colors, dozens of fonts and background textures.

I am really pleased with how this theme turned out. Its features and style make it quite different from anything we have released before. Let us know what you think 🙂

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  1. hey once again you rocked !
    Its Very minimal and love the theme .

    thank you for the theme!

    • Nice looks!

    • great theme, thanks 🙂

      • Clean and elegant always!

    • yeah i agree! i love minimalistic designs. It’s very suitable for a portfolio site, very professional looking.

  2. look Great, thank you! i will test it as soon as posible!

  3. Looks really awesome guys! GJ.

  4. Really clean theme! Love the way it looks on the iPad.

  5. Another stunning theme, great work Nick and team : )

  6. Simply marvelous.

  7. Found a couple of bugs already (will post when you have set up a forum for the theme).

  8. Amazing theme. Can’t wait to download and test it on my new site.

  9. I really like your designs.However there are many themes in your portfolio that seems to do the similar job.I would really appreciate if you can focus more on the issues sorrunding existing themes rather than churning out theme after theme. it’s no criticism, as i said i really like your designs but i feel there is a lot of space for improvement in the existing designs.

  10. Looks awesome and minimalist. I like the sortable ajax powered portfolio section.

  11. Beautiful! Working on a joint project with the hubby and have been stumped on a theme for it, but this is the one!

  12. Yay yay yay yay yay!!

    Thank you for getting this out so quickly, I have checked this page countless times in the past few weeks 🙂

    You rock!

  13. Wow! beauty, sortable powered portfolio is superb, something really refreshing. And that blog section post image alignment looks stunning 🙂

  14. Amazing theme

  15. Uoo this one is really great! I see many ways to use it.

  16. Really nice theme guys. Well done.

  17. Without a doubt it’s the finest portfolio WordPress theme you have designed. One burning question: why don’t your themes follow proper html structure (a.k.a semantically structured html)? The homepage (Demo) has three H2 tags and the the other pages/posts have the same multiple H1 tags. It’s a simple fix isn’t it?

  18. Pretty good design. Also thanks for responsive layout. It would be great.

    Thanks again 🙂

  19. wooow…. great responsive wordpress themes, flexible is my dream wordpress themes. thank you very much nick.

  20. Awesome…I just installed feather and love how the themes have grown. I am so used to ePanel and other ET features than I would never dream of cancelling! Nice theme, can’t wait to try it on my next project.

  21. Marvelous theme, Heading to localhost to test it.

    Looks great demo.

  22. Simply superb and outstanding minimal design, Looks great responsive layout

  23. Nice one – what I like about this theme is the ability to auto-adjust for mobile devices.


  24. First word that went through my mind: SEXY!

    Love this! Looks great and functions as expected on mobile devices too…which is always a huge ! 😀

  25. This is terrible! Not the theme but the fact that I was just about to use trim & now I’ve changed my mind cuz this theme is… well, I guess elegant is the word 🙂 So glad I waited to see what you’d do with this one. Madness! Keep it up!

    ps. so glad to see you actually consider some of our suggestions. Keep the filter going forward 🙂

  26. How do I get my blog to show up like the one in the demo?

    • You can use the Forum or Search entry.php keyword in the forum you will get the answer.

      I dont know i can revel it here. thats why i can’t answer you. try their forum – its very effective and quick response*.

    • I figured it out. “Blog” must be a category. To get those pictures to show up like that instead of the tiny thumbnails you need to be in category mode. Just enable it in the ePanel.

      • That’s Great. but for blog mode with excerpt you have to edit the page. if you don’t want blog as “Category” like mine


  28. Simply awesome with the responsive design and its layout!

    Well done! 🙂

  29. Glorious theme guys……

    Great work….

  30. Apart from the minor teething troubles, I can’t fault this theme really. Looking great on my phone too 🙂

  31. Awesome! I’ve been waiting for this to be released! You guys rock!

  32. Responsive and pretty nice. Really awesome as usual !

  33. Hi, I didn’t know where to post this, so came to the latest post to do so. Even though its an appropriate place to do so, but the title of the post, but I’ve just been emailed that I’ve won a free membership to Carpetcleaninghaddontownship, and so am excited to introduce myself here and am going to get cracking on a elegant theme affiliate site using one of the themes here. Look out more details as I progress and thanks so much for choosing me 🙂

  34. The sortable portfolio is an excellent idea. Unfortunately, it is buggy. Will wait for an update. This theme looks promising, but needs polishing.

    • If you are experiencing any problems, please open a thread in the support forum so that we can assist you.

      • Nick why there is no Black version – while you change your themes into Responsive. Black will be Awesome too. 😀

        just a idea. i tried to edit it. but stuck with text shadows and other comparability!

  35. Very VERY Nice. Only problem is I would love the project posts to have tags added. Other than that fantastic!

  36. Still waiting for the next WP responsive theme from you, Nick

    • ? This is responsive and the last few before this too. Additionally older themes are also being made responsive.

  37. awesome theme, as always. Thank you for your work.

  38. Would it be possible to make a filtered portfolio template that can be added to your other themes? That would be awesome and would give you guys a massive competitive edge.

  39. A fantastic theme, with nice thumbnails on the blog page.


  40. always look great guys.

  41. Looking good! But I do have a question since I can’t manage to get the slider in the home page. It was not there when I installed the theme. Is there any code in html or something I can use?

    • Same here, i can not setup home page slider . any feedback from Nick

      • you guys need to choose EITHER projects OR pages in the theme options. slider will show FEATURED IMAGE of these items.

  42. awesome and nice looking, really

  43. Thank!!Nice look!

  44. thankx for such nice theme…..i was searching one like this for my blog… special thanks for the “menu” design you gave… its different. thankx once again.

  45. Love the theme! I’m having trouble figuring out how to populate the slider at the top though 🙁 help?

  46. Hello,

    I just checked your preview page and the pictures aren’t published correctly…

    Other then that I find the design great and there are very ‘flexible’ features 🙂

  47. i installed this theme but it don’t like your demo 🙁

  48. Another great theme from Nick and the guys at Elegant themes!

    Being able to add videos to the slider is especially cool!

  49. Wow, nice!! Will this support videos from EasyVideoPlayer, the most popular private-label video plugin for WordPress sites??

  50. Wow flexible themes? I can’t wait to use something like this on my blog. I am shopping for themes this one is great.

  51. What is roadmap for responsive designs? Are you planning to edit all themes?
    I am interested in Feather/Webly. Choice depends on what theme i should pick.
    Thanks for some beautiful themes!!!

  52. can one upload a flv file to their server and use that url for video?

  53. In the first preview image on this page it shows a preview of how the homepage of this theme looks. The top 3rd thumbnail image within the portfolio section on the home page has what appears to be a date and a short description on a white panel. Almost as if you were to hover over that thumbnail and it would display that info. Is there a way to turn that on? I can’t seem to find that on the theme options.

    • This was not added to the final release of the theme.

  54. how to make the first image open by default when i load the page??

    • If you need help, please open a thread in our support forums so that our team can assist you.

  55. it don’t like your demo (-..-)

  56. I need a help from u guys..I had implemented this theme in my website and on slider I had implemented the images in my website,but I want that these images are not clickable,currently this images are clickable and opens on a new page

    • Simply open a thread in support forum.

  57. look Great, thank you! i will test it as soon as posible!

  58. Hi guys,
    I like this theme so much I decided to install on my local server and work in it to build my portfolio. But as soon as I install it and activate it, the website gives me the infamous “500 Internal server error”. That error disappears as soon as I change the theme in the admin back-end.

    What can possibly have gone wrong?


    • If you need help, please open a thread in our support forums so that our tech support team can assist you.

      • And where are the Support forums exactly? I have downloaded the Flexible zip, but when I try to install it, WP is telling me “install package not available”.

        • You can log into your account and then click the Support link on the left to access our support forums.

  59. Excellent blog right here! Also your web site lots up
    fast! What web host are you the use of? Can I get your associate link on your
    host? I desire my site loaded up as quickly as yours lol

  60. good article, I will have to choose the appropriate topic for my blog. Thanks for sharing these useful information

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