A Look at Our Upcoming Themes

Posted on March 29, 2010 by in Theme Sneak Peeks | 106 comments

A Look at Our Upcoming Themes

For those interested in what’s in the works here at ElegantThemes, I have put together some screenshots to give you a sneak peek. We currently have 3 new themes in development, the first of which you can expect to see released in a week or so. 


With 13floor I want to give users the ability to have a flashy page-based homepage that is brief and to the point. A brief and catchy homepage is sure to excite your visitors, enticing them to continue their exploration of your website. You an expect some cool jQuery animations and more from 13floor. 


Many of my recent themes have been rather graphically indulgent, so I decided that it was time to make something a bit simpler. Minimal takes after its name with its elegant and modest design. 


For this first time in ElegantTheme’s history I have decided to bring a guest designer on board to help develop a great new theme. This design is being created by MetaLab, who will be the first of hopefully many talented design firms to collaborate with us. It’s my goal to give my members the best range of themes possible, and sometimes that means bringing in new people to gain a new perspective. 

I hope everyone is excited for these new themes. Let me know what you think, and as always, please let me know what things you would like to see in the future.

Premade Layouts

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  1. Looking forward for 13th floor, still 😀

  2. looks awesome can’t wait!

  3. Wow looks great 😀 Well done bro

  4. Looking nice !! Keep them coming !

  5. Lol you Are in co-operate niche from about 4 themes now
    All looks amazing

    I would also love to see Some Gallery or showcase themes

  6. Very excited to see these themes go live. What is the eta on the iphone app theme?

  7. NIce.. as always… do you ever sleep!!!!

  8. Really looking forward to Minimal!

  9. wow…cool design

  10. They all look great – I’m pumped for 12th floor!

    As for suggestions – I would LOVE to see some sort of resume/CV/social linking page. I’ve been looking for something for my homepage http://www.miketannenbaum.com

    I want to have my complete resume on there, links to social networking sites, updates and a few pages.

    Obviously I would leave it up to you and your design expertise, but that is what I would love!

    Either way – your themes and club are awesome. Very well done, and thanks for everything!

  11. They look really great. I’ll probably have to buy more domain names now. lol.

  12. Very cool. Still want to know news about the eshop theme. Have you cancelled making the theme? Please reply…

    • It hasn’t been canceled, just delayed. I am still trying to make a version that I am happy with.

  13. minimal, finally. waiting for it.

    • I agree, looking forward to the mini 🙂

  14. Every now and then I look at some other ‘premium theme’ site… and wonder why I bothered. These really are beautiful themes.

  15. STOP! Your killing me. Every time I start setting up a site with one of your themes you come up with new designs I like better than the last.

    Seriously, though I love them all. I really like them all, but I’m glad you’ve got Minimal in the pipeline. A good minimalist (yet stylish) theme was the only thing I think your porfolio was missing.

  16. Well, now I’ll have to wait for MINIMAL to finish my personal/portfolio website, there’s no escape 🙂
    Thanks, guys, you’re really smart and have a great taste! 🙂

    (a very satisfied customer)

  17. The theme concepts look great as always.

    And since you asked about the future, I think it’d be great to see an upgraded/retooled version of your artsee theme

    • We are still planning to upgrade the rest of the themes with ePanel. ArtSee should be included in the next release 🙂

  18. Look very very gooooood

  19. As always Nick – some god looking themes. Like Bjorn, I am still interested in the eShop theme 🙂

  20. I really like the look of the ‘Minimal’ theme, Nick.

    Just keep ’em coming!

  21. Love these! Can’t wait for them.

    Do you take requests? If so, it would be amazing to see a restaurant theme.

    Satisfied Customer

    • Thanks, I always keep user suggestions in mind when starting new themes.

  22. Are you planing to make theme for Internet shop on the word press?

  23. l like minimal is well because not much space wasted on header so looks very good. well done

  24. Very anxious to see these show up..
    look exciting Thank you for wonderful service

  25. Your themes are on FIREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Signing up soon!

  26. 13th Floor looks very slick, cant wait until its released. Great Job on all the themes, I know how hard it is building wordpress sites that look good and play even better.
    Well done!

  27. Minimal looks great!! Can’t wait to see them in action! 🙂

  28. Oh my goodness I am so excited for Minimal!

  29. Great stuff – as always!!!

  30. Nice to see another in a “light” look added. It should be just in time for my wife’s upgrade.

    My subscription? Best $20 I’ve ever spent on computer stuff!

  31. Man! You are AWESOME!

    I absolutely love your themes. May I request you to take up a Resume/CV theme where we can edit the resume on the fly. I bet it would be of GREAT help to many here (and also a kick-ass way to host our own resume) online 🙂

    Thanks! Keep up the good work!

    • Nice idea 🙂

  32. WOW! I can’t wait! Those look awesome!

  33. I am excited!

    I am an iPhone developer and really look forward to see more iPhone app focused themes!

    Great work!

  34. This is great, i love them

  35. Apple and 13 floor – great. Minimal – is not so as.

  36. Hey, MetaLab is the group that designed the Fluid for Tumblr … you should get them to bring that theme to WordPress and release it on ElegantThemes!

    Keep up the great work!

  37. Nice work there Nick, looking forward to the releases 🙂

  38. Love the look of minimal. However the downside to all these great options is how to decide! I think you should develop an 8-ball theme for those needing spiritual guidance!

  39. They all look cool, I really like them.

    My first wish – to have some cleaner designs – will be fulfilled 🙂

    My second wish is to get some themes without the picture rotation in the header. Of course I simply could disable them, but then it somehow looks as if there was something missing.

  40. Nick,

    The themes look really good. Thanks for all the hard work.


  41. your theme are always great..
    cant wait for its release..

  42. I´m really lloking forward to using >>minimal<< for some small medical portal sites… this is gonna be good!

  43. Minimal looks really cool!

    Also I like the way with 13th floor and business card you’ve changed the layout .. I like to change all the graphics where possible, so anything that makes it easier to do that gets my vote.


  44. give me a one way ticket up to the 13th floor … very hot!!

  45. love these templates … great job Nick!

  46. These really are great. I don’t know how you stay so inspired. Looking forward to minimal. I am so glad to be a member, this is an incredible value!

  47. only one word: GREAT!

  48. Great stuff – looking forward to “Minimal” in particular

  49. really looking forward to the 13floor, tho i relly want to see that theme as a blog theme also.!
    good job tho!

  50. I’m an elegantthemes customer since nearly 2 years and Nick always manages it to surprise me with his new designs !

    13 Floor rockz !

    • Thanks Olli, I am glad to see long-time members still putting my themes to good use!

  51. I am super pumped. 13th floor looks like the dogs balls.
    They ALL look perfect. I’m also happy to hear that your eShop theme is still alive.

    One ?: Does the myApp theme have a shopping cart function?

    • It won’t include a shopping cart function, but there are many free plugins out there that should do the trick.

      • MyApp could have a theme for Windows Phone since it’s coming out with an app store too. 🙂

  52. Minimal looks incredible. May consider switching my elderly tech blog to that theme.

  53. 13floor looks really exciting, looking forward to it!

  54. Can’t wait for 13 floor

  55. Looks very cool. I love the 13th floor. I am looking forward for this theme too.

  56. Looking forward to 13floor — hopefully the links at the bottom will allow for linking to external pages? That way I can have one link to my blog, one link to my store, one link to my …etc.

  57. Bru-tal!

    I love 13rd floor. ^^

  58. Wow, nice stuff. Metalab does awesome work; I sensed you even borrowed some of their aesthetic for a couple of the recent themes – not that that’s a bad thing at all.

  59. I want to see a white blogging theme soon. All of your themes are so business related it would be nice to see outta that niche too!

  60. Yes please let us know the ETA of the iPhone theme. I’m trying to set up a website for my app right now and would love to have your great looking theme as a starting point!

    • The App theme is the last one created, so it won’t be released until after Minimal and 13floor have been created. So I wouldn’t expect it to be released for at least 3 weeks.

  61. I would LOVE to see a real estate/realtor theme. Please, Please =)

    • Thanks for the suggestion, I will certainly consider it.

  62. Looking forward to MyAppTheme!

  63. Great designs, Nick. Which of the above is coming out in a “week or so”? Really looking forward to Minimal. Any chance it will support a 300×250 ad space?

    • Both Minimal and 13floor are nearing completion. 13floor will be done first though, so expect it’s release in less than a week! I wont include any 300×250 ad integration, but if the sidebar is wide enough it should be easy to just use a custom text widget.

  64. when it is available on “13floor?

    • A few more days 🙂

      • are we there yet?


        cant wait for 13th floor … kick ass and take names Nick.

  65. Your getting very much more experimental these days, catering for a variety of different uses. It’s great!

    Have you had any thoughts on doing a travel theme for us travel bloggers? I’ve modified your OnTheGo theme, for an example

    I very much look forward to 13th floor!


  66. Hello Nick,

    Will the Application theme come with a white background?

  67. All of the themes look nice.

    Any ETA on The app theme? I really like it 🙂

  68. Fantastic themes always spoilt for choice! 13th floor looks full of useful tools.

  69. Awesome man, definitely keep up the good work !

  70. lastima que nohay themes en español 🙁

    • The themes are localized, so it is easy to translate them to Spanish by editing the Mo and Po files that come with each design.

  71. creen themes en español que quiero comprar uno para mi web

  72. They all look great! I hope they will have an orange color template.

    Also, have you considered doing themes where there will be a big banner on top to put a big logo instead of a small logo with a sentence next to it (just another wordpress weblog..)

    Awesome work!

  73. Themes of interest to another theme

  74. I love your hard boiled style, but most of my biz clients need something more simple and clean and I often have to look elsewhere. Now, Minimal is the perfect theme, It looks so versatile and simple and it surely could be easily customized for any business need. Great great theme.
    Thanks very much for your work and for your business model that lets all of us get some great themes without spending a fortune…
    Nick for President!! 🙂

  75. wooow
    it seems so cool themes
    i live elegantthemes 🙂
    am using now
    POLISHED on my website
    its so fast and nice one 🙂

  76. Love the themes, great stuff! My favorite theme right now is Business Card. Will there be other themes based on this design? I’d like to see a form of the Business Card theme where one could leave comments.

  77. I am so looking forward to 13th floor. It looks spectacular!

  78. Great stuff! Still looking forward to an e-Store theme 🙂

  79. Nick,

    What’s the release date for 13th floor ?

    Thanks in advance !

  80. Best 20 $ spent over the web. Great ideas. Just wanted to thank you for all the nice works you give us….. Thanks

  81. Can’t wait for Minimal to be published. That is definetly the theme for my own site.
    Hope this comes shortly!
    Great work Nick.

  82. Minimal!!!!
    Can’t wait.

  83. Bro, you’re killing me! You really are!

    I finally found a theme I liked in TheCorporation and I dived in headfirst making customizations and doing a little of this and a little of that.

    Finally. I had a theme I liked and could stay with.

    Now you’re coming out with Minimal. It looks amazing. If I upgrade, you have to promise to stop making themes altogether, so I can settle on one and just stick with it, k? Thanks!

  84. How about
    1. a template where the top row with some navigation (like the ning.com or Google website) takes the width of the page and stays in view, and
    2. One (existing perhaps) with the menu list of all the links within the website at the bottom, like the Apple and Youtube sites used to have?

  85. This is really good work Nick. You should charge more than the $20 that you do. But wait for me to sign up first.

    Looking forward to minimal, BTW.


  86. A couple of additional Theme ideas:

    (1) A Theme very much (or exactly) like the one used for elegantthemes.com. Mainly including the exact or very similar home page layout and functionality.

    (2) Another Minimal type theme that also incorporates the video functionality from your Evid Themes; including with the same Video display that Evid uses.

    Thank you for all your hard work and please keep the themes coming!

  87. When can we expect the myApp theme ? really looking forward to this theme!

  88. You asked about what people look for – I’m always looking for new themes with rotating images on the home page that are easy to change. Not necessarily large slidehow images – I want plenty of room for text for SEO purposes – but some way to add a little pizzazz and more than one image without having them take up all the space on a page.

  89. Been playing with Minimal now for some time. Very clean and elegant. Imagine that. 😉

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  91. I adore your wp template, wherever would you download it from?

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