Theme Sneak Peek: Flexible

Posted on May 10, 2012 by in Theme Sneak Peeks | 101 comments

Theme Sneak Peek: Flexible

Today I have for you a sneak peek of our upcoming theme Flexible. Flexible will be a simple, responsive and versatile portfolio theme that focuses on a clean, modern aesthetic. While we have some great gallery themes already, none of them have the crisp and simplistic design that I would love to see used to showcase an artist’s work. I hope you like the preview! Let us know what you think 🙂

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  1. wow, love the simplicity, very much looking forward to this theme.

    • cool theme 🙂

      • love the grid style

        • Cool Design.

    • The recent work section looks class!

    • Agreed!

  2. Finally! A portfolio theme. Thanks, Nick. No more trips to themeforest.

  3. looks awesome guys, can’t wait to see it live and give it a spin!

    great work.

  4. Really digging the clean look of this one!

  5. Thank you, Nick!

  6. love it

  7. Awesome theme! Anxious for it to come out! 😀

  8. This is awesome, when is it going to be released? I love Filtered but this looks like exactly what I want, I love how clean the front page is with the projects and posts together.

  9. Gorgeous sneak peek!

  10. Very nice, When it will be ready?

  11. Looks awesome (as usual)!

  12. Looks fab – looking forward to giving it a try.

  13. My first impression was “The Return of the Chameleon”.

    Simply wonderful, Nick.

    Looking forward to the release.



  14. This theme looks really good indeed.
    Being a portfolio theme, once again I do hope, this time it will have “real” galleries – easy to manage and NOT(!!!) having to rely on pictures being pulled from a page or post. Maybe this time …

    • I think with the preview showing a description on one of the photos that gallery pics will be taken from posts.

  15. Awesome. Creative theme for creative bloggers.

  16. This is nice. I might use this to replace my site.

  17. Looks great.

  18. very clean, But when does one of you once again a magazine-Tehme

  19. This looks gorgeous. I’m really interested in how this will work as a artist’s portfolio showcase.

    Would it be possible to add thumbnails (maybe as a toggle on7off function?) to the blog section below as well?

  20. Beautiful, minimalistic and yet versatile, i love it!

  21. “I am such an awesome design. I promise you” – ha ha, love it!! Looking forward to this.

    • Just sayin 🙂

  22. I like what I see!

  23. Clean; thanks Nick

  24. Minimalism at it’s best. Loving your recent themes.

    Can you work on your dummy data installation area ? yes, you do provides sample.xml file but they are not working as good as your themes are.

  25. Looks great. Please give it solid support for videos too!

  26. Great addition to minimalist wordpress themes family that already available online.

    Looking forward to promote this…

  27. It’s totally different theme……

    That’s why I love ET theme…….

    Keep it up………..

  28. It’s Beautiful. I like it very much

  29. Damn, that is nice.

  30. I have a few questions:

    1. Will it support video?
    2. Will it have social network integration like some of the other themes?
    3. I really like filterable portfolios. Is there a way to factor that in?

  31. Nick You and your ET’s team train going very fast,and come with always new concept, Awesome job Go on……
    I hope Flexible is really flexible like Convertible 🙂

  32. Hello,

    I like the them, it is simple. I look forwaard in really seeing it.

  33. N1 Nick

  34. I like these themes. It will add more beauty to site when added. Thanks for this sharing.

  35. Wow, this could be the one i was looking for! Hope it will support a full width video slider (vimeo or youtube). It looking very promising sofa!

  36. I really, REALLY like it! Probably the best looking portfolio theme you have (and I say that without even having a live version to play around with!)

  37. Good theme I will love to us this

  38. meraviglioso, non vedo l’ora di provarlo

    wonderful, I can not wait to try it.

  39. Best looking preview yet! Defo think i will be using this when it comes out. Amazing!

  40. Another very nice theme, Nick.

    I welcome the desecrate in image navigation buttons. I mentioned in a post on last theme that I do not fancy the “expressive” navigations buttons outside or in the image frame often used. Best would be if navigation buttons is only showed up “on mouse over image” if there are more than one image. Possibility to add images not referring to an post or page would also be welcomed as mentioned by Chris.

    Colour is in my opinion very well matched in an modest way, kind of enhance content rather than making an design statement.

    And now to something completely different, I think it would be a good idea if you started a blog post about shortcodes. What is your plan for shortcodes and users comments about what we like to see implemented in shortcodes.

  41. Great base theme. I love the grid. It will be fun hacking it up to customize it and make it my style….I might have to find a project to use this one soon!

  42. Question: Like all other ET themes, will this one also require a photo/picture to be posted in a blog in order to show it in a portfolio?



  43. OMG finally . looking forward to this :)!

  44. Having a chance to sleep on the matter this theme looks even better than before. In fact it makes the evolution themse I’m using now look pretty dated.

  45. Publish this theme as fast as you can … could be perfect to show my work

    • Working on it 🙂

  46. Very clean…

    Waiting for the release! 🙂

    Best of luck for the completion.

  47. I’ve just joined ElegantThemes club yesterday, I hope I can get more responsive themes at elegantthemes. Thanks.

    • You can be sure that all of our new themes will be responsive.

  48. Nick,

    I see that a lot of people are asking about the fact that images will be taken from a post for the gallery.

    I am more interested in a different functionality, if you can implement it. I suppose that from the recent work on homepage you will go with a click to the post source.
    What I would love is to have an intermediary step: when you click on the image to have it open in a Lightbox type gallery and the image to have a text box under with a read more option.

    This way a visitor can see my gallery without going back and forth from home to posts and choose to see more details about the work if he likes the big image.

    Hope you like the idea and you can add this feature.

  49. Definitely looks like a winner.

  50. Awwww yeah! Awesome!

  51. How nice and simple, but elegant.

  52. … clean, and crisp … I hope there is a way of disabling the design section for content heavy sites

  53. Really nice. I loved the combination of colors and elegant design.

    • Thanks 🙂

  54. Hi there, I wish you could do some theme for “real” business sites… I think “Trim” is still too playful. Maybe something like this?

    • If I may…

      Deep Focus, Sky, Envisioned, Modest, Webly and The Professional (for starters) all follow the “top menu/featured/services/quote/footer” format you refer to as “real” business design.

      I’m just an avid follower/customer of ET, and
      1. if you like that design, then why not just get that one? It’ll give you “Karma” too.
      2. There are lots of ET designs that have similar functions/designs so going divergent into lots of sub-genres (after all, they do have 76 themes) is more important.

      It’s all personal preference and choice, but your comment about “Trim” for a post on “Flexible” is.. fairly irrelevant.

  55. very good theme for portfolio use , sure i will buy it soon .

  56. This theme is awesome. Congratulations!
    Esse tema é incrível. Parabéns!

  57. This theme looks awesome!

    While it may be a great portfolio theme, I really think I can use this for business purposes as well. Slider at the top for company information/news. “Design” section for promotions and services. Then obviously blog for more information.

    Can’t wait! Hopefully it comes in time for my website revamp!

    Thanks Nick!

    • It should be ready next week!

      • Great! Looking forward to it!

  58. Love it!

    May I add a suggestion… Any consideration for filterable portfolios? This would blow up if you could filter the portfolios via ajax/jquery/sandbox/ what ever…

    But again, love the design. Keep it up

    • This is something we hope to add to the theme, though I can’t say for sure.

  59. WOW…I need it great work

  60. can’t wait to try this theme and apply to the photography website

  61. waiting so patiently for this theme to release! It is so perfect for me!

  62. Where I can I buy the owl on the preview? I love it.

    • All of the graphics shown in the preview are my own illustrations. They are not for sale anywhere I am afraid.

  63. Any idea when this will be released?

    • I was just wondering the same thing! I have been wanting to use this theme since the moment he teased us with it lol.

      Even an estimate on it would whet my curiosity some!! 😛

      • We hope to have it ready by next week.

        • Very cool, thanks for the update!

  64. Theme looks great! Looking forward to try it out. One suggestion, please make it possible so that when someone clicks on a photo it shows up in like a light box, instead of linking to a post.

  65. Hi! I’m using Evolution and love it, but I prefer the look of this theme. But I’m worried the lack of text on the home page will harm my SEO. Will it harm it or can I change my theme when Flexible comes out and still stay at No.1?

  66. Need this theme…. when will it be available?

    • Very soon I hope!

  67. Thank you for the theme, waiting for that. why do you upgrade your other theme with BLACK THEME FORMAT. many love Black themes also.

  68. Hmm. My question not allowed in these comments? As a customer I find that rather upsetting.

    • Hi, Nick answered in an above question that it would be hoped to be released this week.

  69. Sorry ’bout that… I didn’t even notice that the comments were awaiting moderation (this is what happens when you’ve just worked 36 hrs straight!)

  70. When will this be available for download? I can see the preview but it’s not showing up in my account area yet…
    Cheers 🙂

  71. How do I put my recent work, I can not configuar?

  72. Hi,

    I’ve got this message (Flexible):

    “Fatal error: Call to undefined method WP_Query::is_main_query() in /homepages/24/d25255555/htdocs/site02Blog/wp-content/themes/Flexible/functions.php on line 173”

    Could you help me please with Flexible.



    • Are you using the latest version of WordPress? If you still need help, please open a thread in the support forums so that we can better assist you.

  73. Looks great folks, but your shortcodes are not responsive at all. Have you guys see that or?


  74. I must say awesome to this theme. all you themes are Amazon as well as responsive to mobiles and iPads.great job pal.

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