Theme Sneak Peek: AskIt

Posted on November 1, 2010 by in Theme Sneak Peeks | 125 comments

Theme Sneak Peek: AskIt

I am excited to give everyone a glimpse of one of our upcoming themes, AskIt. This theme will provide some unique functionality, effectively transforming your website into a Question and Answer site. The theme will be community driven, and will allow for user generated questions and answers complete with a voting system for choosing the best solution to each problem. I look forward to hearing your opinions about the idea and the design. Be sure to leave a comment letting us know what you think!

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  1. Awesome! Can’t wait to try this out =)

  2. This sounds great! I am assuming it will run on top of WordPress?

    • Of course 🙂

      • I wonder if it could be ported to OSQA. I launched a Q and A site this past summer on the OSQA platform:

  3. Isn’t this awesome? 😀

  4. stoked about this

  5. Now this looks slick as hell!

  6. Nooooooo – and I just started a site like that with a vastly inferior-looking “Instant QA” theme… *lol*

    Hope I will be able to migrate the existing Qs (articles) and As (comments) to AskIt once it is released….

    Looks great, and yes, this kind of site is in demand, so looking forward to see your approach to this.

    • It should work. Questions will be posts and answered will be comments.

      • makes me wonder…. this means I need to allow everyone to have post rights on the admin or there will be a form where users can ask and that question will become post?

        giving everyone post rights might not be a good idea…

        don’t get this wrong.. the idea and the theme is great.. but implementing it might be a bit something else.

        great work though. 🙂

  7. Real nice job, just in time for my next project 🙂

  8. I am looking forward to using this theme! It looks and sounds awesome! Great work Nick!

  9. Man this amazing

  10. Awesome! I will definitely employ this one!

  11. This is a great idea, really looking forward to it. Thank you.

    Have you considered doing a guide / classified ads theme? along the lines of the answer theme?

    I saw someone else did a similar theme (unable to find the bookmark at this point).

    • Yeah, creating themes along a similar vein (such as classifieds, job listings, directories, etc) are all great ideas. I am sure we will explore these in the future.

      • Please Nick Business Directory it`s a “must have” theme!

        • Second the Directory Theme request.

          AskIt look amazing.

      • I agree, I’d LOVE a classifieds theme.

        This new theme is AMAZING! Carpetcleaninghaddontownship is definitely the BEST out there!

        Thanks Nick & Team!

        • I agree,
          I love the creativity from Nick! I am happy to be a member! I can`t wait to get this theme!

  12. i’m gonna use it in one of my current project! : ) it fits perfect for it.

  13. varamente all your templates are beautiful if not perfect, but sometimes I wonder how you can find something that wears with + reality.

    many of us have a blog with a forum or a shop when you install your theme, it becomes difficult to dress up the rest.

    would be nice to integrate a module that can also dress up a shop or a forum or all together to not have big difference.
    excuse my English I translated with google

  14. the theme is really good but i prefer an option about a image (or icon) at every question

  15. is there any user ranking system?

    • We are considering this idea, though I am not 100% if/how it will be realized.

      • integrate intensedebate!

  16. I NEED It!!! When will it be done?

  17. Great theme, and I could see this as a perfect tool for product support communities.

  18. Hello Nick,

    How soon do you estimate that this theme will be ready?

  19. Hi Nick,
    A similar question as from eStore…will this template allow blog posts? Thx

  20. Great idea ! (: And the theme looks really good, as usual. <3

  21. Great idea !

    Please leave it flexible enough so that it can be applied to a wide range of conversations. For example, in many serious areas a rating system will not be appropriate, so there needs to be the option of not having that.

    Also, I wonder whether there could be some very easy way to allow registered site users to post a question.

    It’d also be interesting if we could use the “members only” shortcode to hide the answers ?

  22. Fantastic concept. I can see many applications for a theme of this sort.

  23. Hey, that is a pretty cool idea! I guess I have not used this concept before, so I have not been looking for this type of theme, but with that being said, the idea of it is very good! Very sharp looking too!

  24. Hi Nick,

    Really interesting. Wondering how it can be incorporated into what I already have. A subdomain perhaps?!

    Looking forward for when it does come out

  25. Constantly amazed by Carpetcleaninghaddontownship. Keep it up.

  26. Looks sweet. Based off Daily Notes?

  27. How are you going to design the user-submitted questions functionality? Something similar to Gravity Forms?

    • There will be an integrated registration and submission form.

  28. I am using the source now and love it, but would love to use this theme for only the FAQ type page. Is it possible to have only one page use this theme?

  29. You have been reading my mind Nick, I need something like this. Now you really have me in anticipation mode. Please make sure it has alternative color schemes, I’m particularly looking for something in the red area. Can’t wait.

    • Hi, Dave. Nice to see you over here! I still have my Filipina girl but had to delay moving to Phil for a few months.

      Great theme, Nick! I am definitely renewing my subscription today so I can get this one! Really nice job and I know exactly what I am going to use it for. It is an answer to prayer.

  30. This is a cool idea. We have been wanting to have a new QA system. I would make sure there is a way to browse the questions in an organizes way using tags/categories. WordPress search is lousy so having a way to browse categories in heirchy will be a big help to users.

    Also spammer protection will be important and email activation for accounts to reduce spammers.

    Voting answers up for better answers would be a nice

  31. Wow this looks like a great theme – can’t wait to try it!
    I’m hoping you take these sorts of great ideas and move them onto sites with “inbuilt” forums.
    Also what about a generic review website (rather than one suited to only gaming). This could be for any type of product – restaurants, products…

  32. Another outstanding theme idea…

    Great job nick and the team.

  33. Good idea and preview looks really nice.
    I think the logo will be better with question mark rather than exclamation mark

  34. Very cool, neat and clean… waiting to see live soon…

  35. Your upcoming themes always give me a bunch of interesting ideas for new sites to launch. I love it. For the future, have you considered a review site theme? Something that lets you rank various aspects of something on a scale of 1-10, maybe via custom fields, would be cool.

    So would a dating site theme, but something tells me that would be a lot more work to create…

  36. I like the Names for temaplte 😉

  37. sounds interesting, im not sure i get the concept thou. i would suggest having a thumbnail image before the question to draw you into the q&a

    keep up the good work guys 🙂

  38. i like the name and background image on navigation dropdown

  39. Awesome! like to try soon

  40. Looks Very very Nice!

    I hope this theme fits the blogs too, easily.

    But here is a request, please keep the sidebar’s width to 320 pixels, so it’s easy to put ads with recommended size (by Google Adsense) of 300 x 250, with left padding of 20px which really looks nice.

    And one more thing, I would really appreciate if you could change those fonts you’ve used in the ‘pages bar’ (Home, About Us, Archives, etc) in the header (above the navigation bar).

    That apart, looks a great theme and color combination is maybe the best I’ve seen on elegantthemes. Go ahead and give us this beautiful theme soon.

    Great Work!

    • Yes! ADS are a must have! Definitely!

  41. Very nice job!

  42. Hi Nick! Great Job as usual!
    Do you think to create also a version with a more brilliant and creative color? Or only in grey and similiar colors?
    When do you think its ready???
    I’ve a project perfetc for this theme, if you create a colorfull version!!!
    Thanks and good job!

  43. I came to Carpetcleaninghaddontownship this morning looking for something similar to a front page and site. I think this could be it. Can’t wait. Looks perfect.


  44. Great idea. I like this theme. Can be used also with Adsense. Thanks!

  45. I have a great need for this theme and cannot wait for it to be released.

    Great looking site. Keep up the great work.


  46. Original idea. Very good design. When is it going to be released?

  47. Hey, Nick:

    I am going to be launching a new site ( that I think this will be perfect for! It is almost creepy how your last two themes have hit the nail on the head for what I was looking for and couldn’t find!

    Great stuff!

  48. Oh man, this is sweet…is this going to support a community style format or is it just like a discussion forum? I am working on starting a new community and if so this is perfect timing…can’t wait.


  49. probably the best looking q & a implementation out there, very fancy.

    not your usual cookie cutter template.

  50. Hello,

    Just an idea :

    You might wanna add a feature to this theme : the possibility to make it a “plugin” to any of you others themes.

    Here is what I mean : if users want to give a general feedback on a website they usually don’t have any other choice to try and find the page and give a feedback that won’t be seen by any other users, a feedback that may already have been seen and a feedback that only the webmaster will be able to answer to.

    Now, there is some website that deal with feedback like “uservoice”, but they are pay services and not really good. It would be awesome to have a feedback tab that leads to this new theme.

    What do you think?


    • I’ll second that for sure!

  51. Having the questions and answers as new taxonomies would be great.

    Also, to have a new shortcode to post new questions and answers would also be cool.

  52. Hi,

    it looks great !!

    But will be available as a plugin for others of your themes ?

    I’d like to use on my blog. 😀

    • We are considering this idea. It’s possible we will release it as a separate plugin as well.

      • Oh, great, just seconded a similar request here above and already here the answer! Thanks Nick!

      • Plugin would be great!

  53. Fantastic work Nick. You really do a great job and provide some great content. The minute I saw this I realized all the potential uses. Let’s see what we can do with this bad boy!

  54. This will work great for my new website. It is called it will be all abouut ideas Past, Present and Future. Voting on ideas.


    • This theme will take longer than normal, as we have to build additional functionality. But it should be ready in 1-2 weeks.

  55. Nice! Just when I think these themes can’t get any better…. Wow!

  56. Hia Nick, awesome themes.. obviously, could we implement the Q & A functionality into an existing eleganttheme site…if so how difficult would it be?

    • We are exploring ways to turn this into a plugin.

      • Hi Nick , check this QA plugin :

      • Could be really great as a plugin !

  57. This looks great. I agree with some of the comments that having this functionality as a plug-in for use with other themes, in lieu of something like bbPress, would provide a simpler alternative, when a full blown forum construct is too much.

    As an example, this could extend a FAQ type page with more interaction.

    Thanks for the great work!

  58. Hello can you please code the print layout for the themes that users can print the complete features description and not only 1 side. Better you give the user a well formatted for each theme which discribes the features and shows the layout/desgin. This would be very very nice!

  59. Great idea! Can’t wait to use the new theme. Keep me posted.

  60. Awesome idea!!! Very excited to use this…

  61. amazing and never seen before this kind a theme, well done

  62. This could be the theme I’ve been waiting for all my life.

  63. This is so Awesome Nick! Cant wait for it to be done!

  64. love the theme design and look
    keep it that way, clean and simple

  65. Already have a plan for this awesome idea. Cannot wait for this.

  66. Nick, this sounds perfect for a site I need to engage the United Reformed Church in the UK in some serious online debate about where we’re going!

    Question: given that I’m no code jock, how easy would it be to dress this theme in Bold livery, which has precisely the feel I’m looking for? (ie Bold for ‘feel’, AskIt for function).

    Great work – keep it up!

  67. Nick, looking forward to seeing the live preview. A good debating forum has endless possibilities for engaging my clients in a unique way!


  68. Hi, I would love to test a new Q&A theme and some suggestions:

    • Add ‘tags’ with posted questions
    • Sign up page for users
    • Login page for users
    • Star point scale for users
    • User Gravatar to be posted with questions(optional)
    • Have a 3 column layout (optional)
    • Facebook compatible
    • Ability to create a blog page
    • Top 10 users on the site and show some info about them like score, name (which links to their profile)
    • Top 10 question provider or top question answerer or both with the user data (user’s picture/gravatar(if possible)

    I look forward to trying on my own Q&A site http:www//


  69. Nice job! Will this theme support Buddypress?

    • if it would support buddypress, it would be a dream come true…

  70. Awesome idea! I love all the creative, unique theme set-ups your providing.
    Having just bought a membership, I’m excited to try some of these out!

    Looking forward to this one.

  71. OH excellent! My advice site was created in MAMBO back in the day, but of course at this point it is ridiculously outdated. I’ve been wanting to switch the site over to wordpress, but to change the entire functionality. I like this concept a lot and am anxious to try it out.

    Would I be able to set this up as a section of the main site? Will you have the ability to create regular posts and pages as well? If the answer to the latter is YES, I’m in as it will solve all my problems.

  72. This looks like another winner, Nick.

    Do you ever sleep? 🙂

    A very interesting concept and I’m really looking forward to giving it a test drive.

  73. looks cool =) !
    may be some day you can make a theme focus in music? for bands and musicians?!? will be sooooooo coooolll =) !!

  74. Looks awesome – Nick’s themes are getting better and better 🙂

  75. Looks Sharp, would be a good theme for a yahoo Answers.

    • I immediately thought Yahoo Answers too…. although this theme looks to be in a totally higher league than that 🙂

  76. Where is the big “Ask a Question” button ?
    Any news on the release date ?

  77. Totally awesome! Definitely looking to try it out!

  78. it looks decent at first glance, but guys maybe you could make it less blog like? Still has that bloggy look and feel to it. Maybe have a feature where the question author can select the best answer and the post with the best answer then appears with a Best Answer button or badge. Looks decent so far though.

    • That’s the plan, and more 🙂

  79. Yes making it less blog like would be great.

  80. Nick , could you do something with gravatars as post image maybe? Excuse for saying this but it looks a bit sad… imo


  81. looks great Nick! hey. are you going too make a “band theme”? I can’t find any for wordpress.

  82. Nick!

    This is what I need—-Today!!!!!! I’ve searched in vain for a publish date. And it sound like some have used it already. Did I miss something? Please! Hurry!!

    • We plan to have it ready next week.

  83. Hello,

    Could you just think of using wordpress for a simple Dating or MATRIMONIAL website.

    With ability to Signup > Post your Matrimonial resume > Edit and update.

    Admin to Approve > Disapprove > Edit

    Viewers who signup can Search Postings based on Criteria allowed by Admin.

    NO one yet used wordpress for such a nice thing?

  84. Awesome! Been wanting to have my own Q and A site for a while.

  85. Incredible as usual… your code is a real poetry !

  86. This is pree cool template but I dont like how you made the subcategories look like with the blue circle.

  87. Looks great! We’d love to see a deep, rich brown option when you offer different color variations.

  88. Hi Nick,

    Question : Can these themes work along with the DIY Thesis Theme? I have Thesis thats why Im asking.

    Please let me know! Thank you ! GREAT WORK !

  89. Note that this is very good, I hope to have the option to blog too, please: D

  90. The themes as seen is really good, all the details, not to change anything 😀

    expected to have the option to blog, I hope comes out soon


  91. Nice theme … I’ve been check your site everyday to see if its already out 🙂 I can’t wait to use it 🙂 Thanks

  92. It would be very useful if the question author was able to upload an image (preferably several images) to the server along with their question and then the community can post their answers regarding the question/image.

    A thumbnail of the image on the front page next to the question would be ideal too.

    Looking forward to seeing this one.

  93. I have been really working on such a project. Your theme couldn’t have come at more appropriate moment. Loved it

    Waiting for the launch…

  94. am not a member yet, but i just love enjoy lookin at ur themes 😉

  95. How to upload user image? where is that option? please help me?

  96. Nice job. Looks great!

  97. Theme is awesome, please don’t change a thing 🙂

  98. Great theme, nice and clean with bold colours, for some reason it reminds me of Twitter.

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