Theme Sneak Peek: Convertible

Posted on December 19, 2011 by in Theme Sneak Peeks | 122 comments

Theme Sneak Peek: Convertible

If you have ever clicked on an affiliate ad, then you are probably familiar with the classic “sales pitch” landing page. I have always wondered why, in an industry that is so interested in subtly and a/b testing, why so many of these landing pages look so ugly! Changing your “buy” button from red to green might increase conversions, but what happens when you make a sales pitch page that actually look professional? Our next theme, Convertible, will be a landing page theme that is both functional and beautiful. It will come packed with loads of custom modules and customization options. Aside from the visual appeal, we are also hard at working creating an awesome visual/drag-and-drop content builder for structuring your page. This new content builder is the part of the theme that I am most excited about, and I will be giving everyone a preview of that in the near future!



    • Looks super awesome!

    • All I can say is ..SLICK! No one can complete on what an elegent themes gives it members over 12 months!!

  1. This is awesome, very useful. Thanks a lot. I´ll be waiting for this theme.

  2. very nice Nick! As a landing page layout, is this meant to be for an individual page? How does this play into a full website?

    • I believe this is supposed to be for those sales pitch pages. look up “Squeeze page” on google, they almost always look wretched.

      So you can a link about your new product and provide a link to this page that may or may not have additional pages built in, most don’t, just payment gateways.

      • thx for the tip Alex 🙂

  3. Very nice !
    Is it a Responsive theme like evolution ?

    • Of course, there is no doubts from ElegantThemes! 🙂

  4. I can’t wait for this theme! Already I have some great ideas! Thanks, Nick! Can’t wait for it!

  5. You should really consider making this a plugin, an option in all themes… every site needs targeted landing pages to convert surfers into buyers.

    When you make this another theme, then a new WordPress install needs to be created for that domain, in a directory so this can be loaded. And if anyone wants more than one landing page then another install of WP has to happen.

    Am I thinking about this wrong?

    • Ditto. I would LOVE to see this functionality as a plug-in for any theme. I use sales pages on all my sites, and end up with a wonky “single column” version of whatever the theme has created. Doesn’t have the same pizzazz as this would as a plug in!

    • I completely agree! This is exactly the add on functionality we need in every theme, not just one.



    • +1 to this suggestion
      plugin version is awesome

  6. Awesome. Will the drag & drop feature allow us to put in an opt-in box somewhere on the page?

    • It is important to think about opt-ins and list signup forms. Good point.

      I usually have to hack something together for that – case in point:

      The list signup on the right is actually two widgets, and I’m still not happy with how it looks. The only reason I’ve left it that way is because I intend to move that site to EG’s Evolution theme in time.

  7. Can’t wait for this one 🙂 someone with some skill is finally putting some aesthetic appeal to landing pages.

  8. Nice! This will definitely be useful!

  9. The theme looks really great. With each new theme from ET, the quality of themes is improving.

  10. “… we are also hard at working creating an awesome visual/drag-and-drop content builder for structuring your page.”

    Sounds fantastic… Headway watch out.

    Something to look forward to.

  11. That looks sweet! Very clean and well thought out

  12. Looks like a very good theme, keep up the great work !

  13. Nick,

    Would you possibly add an “above-the-fold” opt in form, perhaps where the “get access” button area is now. This is well known to increase visitor conversion rates (goal of landing/squeeze pages).



    • Thanks, Caleb.

      I won’t defend the visual appeal of most squeeze and sales pages, but the only thing that really counts is conversions.

      I look forward to ET applying some nice design touches to this (and it should be a plug-in as some have suggested), but I sincerely hope that final decisions are based solely on functionality in the sales process.


  14. Nice theme.

  15. Nice theme! I hope for themes to develop a download blog, maybe integrated with download monitor plugin

  16. i hope… convertible themes can responsive for an browser like Evolution themes…

    • agree 🙂

  17. I look forward to expect from this new theme! beautiful

  18. Minimalism at it’s best and yet looks very appealing page. Looking forward for it’s release.

  19. Nice clean and simple eye-catching design, Good work as always Nick!! You guys are AWESOME!

  20. I can’t wait to dibble and dabble with it!

  21. Wow I’m really looking forward to seeing this theme!!
    Thanks a lot Nick!

  22. Nice theme. I can’t wait to use it. 🙂

  23. Looks good, I hope we will be able to add nav bar at the top and/or bottom of the sales page. It would serve as a gateway for those customers keen to find out more about the product.
    Thank`s for the video screen at the corner, it’s really eye catching.
    I agree with Caleb about the need to have a “above-the-fold” opt in form.

  24. I’m very excited to

  25. WOW, this is just an amazing idea…Did you link custom fields to auto responder like Aweber ? Where are the inscription fields ?
    Amazing work again 🙂 Thank you

  26. Thank’you for the job ! Nice !

  27. Hi Nick,
    Thanks for listening and putting your design spin on this Internet Marketing Classic.

  28. Nice work, as usual ! 🙂

  29. Wow… super Squeeze Page.
    Tanks 😀

  30. Wow…love it…I’ve been waiting for something like this since I do a lot of internet marekting…this will be great for clients using PPC. Nice…can’t wait!

    • Agreed, Nick can you please, please, please create an Internet Marketing Blog theme to, I’m pretty sure a lot of users wanted this last time you did a poll.

  31. Wow, looking awesome 🙂 I’m thinking about next year subscription, awesome themes 🙂

  32. Great squeeze page. Love the look and can’t wait to get my hands on it. Thanks for reading my mind.

  33. Looks good!

    I’ve also tried to find decently-designed sales pages. It’s hard. This is the best I’ve found to date:

    I’ll almost certainly be moving over to Convertible, though. It is much cleaner.

    One request – include LOTS of customizability. Don’t make us go hacking through the CSS and PHP unless we have to 🙂

  34. Interesting, from last few themes Nick is coming up up with a entirely different ideas, and this one seems more beautiful 🙂

  35. Looks like I can scratch one thing off my Wish List..


  36. I was JUST about to pull the trigger on a landing page / squeeze page theme. I’m gonna wait for this instead! Any idea on release date?

    I’ll also be very happy to beta test as well 😀 Do lots of affiliate marketing and going to setup a few new campaigns soon. Contact me through my email for this post.

    I think the few suggestions where right though – have it in plugin form and a theme as well, to increase versatility, and have a nav bar up top, which I believe it will.


  37. This theme is nice, but I was kind of hoping for something a little closer to

  38. Looks good but for a one page or less paged site. Not a blog for sure.

    • On that note… any chance you might include just the HTML, CSS, and images as well this time?

      While I use a WordPress Multisite install for a lot of my stuff, it would be nice to be able to use this theme without the overhead of WP at times.

  39. Wow. Thanks and waiting to test it

  40. Do you have plans to release any “responsive” themes? Got clients asking for them like crazy all of a sudden!

      • Yes yes – am using it and love it! I meant to say “more” like this! Happy Holidays!

      • Im looking at the Evolution theme on my mobile device and it does nt seem to have changed in any way?

        Does the live preview on your website show off the responsiveness on mobile?

  41. nice and awesome theme.
    waiting for it.

  42. Yet another great theme, thanks Nick!

  43. WOW!! I’m impressed…

    The layout is simple and minimal (which is good :p ), and I can’t wait to know more about the new modular content builder…

    Any ETA for a release or more sneak peaks before the end of the year?

  44. Great design. Waiting for it! 🙂

  45. yes yes yes!!! I have wanted this for several months now but decided not to mention it. I will be using this theme in the future. Thanks a million!

  46. Yet another wonderful theme.

    I was wondering Nick, why don’t you release a theme for Article directory? I am sure many people will want to have that. At least, I would like to get one 🙂

  47. Superb Theme. Great work guys.

    Thanks for sharing the details.

  48. Thanks for the “New Year’s gift”. Almost bought another theme for a landing page function. This is much better. Bravo.
    PS Release date for our new Convertible?

    • Based on Nick’s past release lead times, I’d expect this to be launched early next week.

      • Thanks for the update!

        I’m sure Nick appreciates you letting everyone else know when he’ll be releasing his themes.


  49. Great! I was waiting for a Landing Page theme. Hope this would also include usual Sales Page features as payment gateways, Signup forms, etc..

    • I agree … also integration with MailChimp, etc… would sound great as well. 🙂

  50. Nice clean theme for Internet Marketers 🙂 Love it!!

  51. I am looking forward to this. I just bought developer access and am using your Nova theme for a product development website. It’s very clean, but the default code–in particular, the header tags–are not optimal for SEO and have to be changed manually. Since you can use css to make anything pretty, I’d suggest making sure that you have h1, h2, and h3 in the optimal places to help non-technical customers achieve rankings easier.

    That said, I’m very much looking forward to this theme!

  52. This theme is looking awesome. I am waiting for it.

  53. so clean & nice,, wondering how you achieve this talent,, coding mixed with neat graphical interface,, the balance of left brain and right brain

  54. A very straightforward theme. This theme can lead to altering changes. Don’t miss your chance for elegantthemes’ giving us better sites and transforming us to be a better publisher!

  55. Looks like we are getting something new from Carpetcleaninghaddontownship in the new year. I’m excited to try the visual editor.

  56. Would LOVE to see a stylized form for email sign-ups, would make this a killer theme.

  57. Waiting patiently (for the most part). 🙂

    Looks great!

  58. Looks a great theme and not before time. I have used a lot of single splash pages for various different concepts and they have worked well – however the themes have always been poor.

    So rock on with this theme as it looks great.

    Can’t wait

  59. When, when, when???

    Please say soon!


  60. ahhh is this ready yet?!

  61. Patiently (not really) waiting for this one.

    Great Idea

  62. Provide this theme for me to purchase immediately!

    If you don’t… I shall sit and wait patiently until it is available for purchase!!!

    You’ve heard my demands, your move ET.


  63. Oh, how I hope this is made available soon! I put off my site development until it is released. I know it will be worth it, but

  64. Got to say the standard ‘sales landing page’ really puts me off. Will be great to try this out. Any news when it will be ready?

  65. Very nicely done. After release of this one. More and more affiliate marketers and wordpress gurus that will use this one.

    A big and advantage of this theme is the price. They will get a brand new theme 60+

    Nick, I can’t wait for the release of this new theme. Notify us on our emails.

    Thanks and God Bless Nick

  66. hi
    it’s very beautiful

  67. Hi,
    This theme sounds like a much needed design. Any idea when this will be live?

    • Same Question… Vey excited for its release

  68. This is really great and i am sure it would fulfill expectations

  69. Hi,
    I love your wordpress themes & would like to buy a subscription.
    just a quick question, Are all your themes Buddypress ready?
    Or can they be actually used with Buddypress installed?

    Hoping for a quick reply…


    • I guess you need to them directly so they can answer your question

  70. Yes, WooThemes have a content builder at ther heart of their listings sites, you still have to code some bits though, so it will be interesting to see what you come up with.

    BTW the best converting buttons are ORANGE, there is a whole color emotions wheel so I hope your theme will be flexible. (Red = Danger but also Action, Blue = Cool but also Corporate, Yellow = fun and sun/, Green = OK and Eco. Orange is a mixture of Yellow and Red, it converts best, check Amazon and any decent sales page.

    A landing page is like one big powerpoint presentation in one long page, but what matters is what is visible “above the fold”, Nick, if you go have a look at and the video at you will get an idea of what you should be including. I am still waiting for a business theme and a “local” theme, email me and I will explain.

  71. where can i find this ribbons ?
    these are very beautiful

  72. Very nice theme. I hope it will be released soon.

  73. I hope we hear an update soon! Really looking forward to using this!

  74. Hey Nick:

    It’s my birthday today. How about a little gift?

    Good work.


  75. Will you make a page template, I have needed one for a while and thought of using iweb for it. I guess I can make separate sites for each, but a page template would be great,

  76. Fullscreen image slider theme, please!

  77. Your themes are always so amazing!

  78. It too much time now, since you’ve outed sneak peek where is the final version?

    • A sneak review of a car can take years or may not even go into production. A person who has a mass following needs to keep the people interested …… look at how many sites are released a year then look at your own work load. It will happen.

      Kind Regards

      • Yes, you are right, but now I’m obsessed with the fast work and quick launch of elegant themes, because Nick is real Pro at making themes and launching them, too.

        But of course Elegantthemes now have a large collection of stunning themes, so he might be busy at updates as well.

        Warm Regards,

        • This is the most complicated theme we have ever created. It’s almost done though 🙂

  79. They say a kettel never boils if you look at it……….so turn around and I am sure it will be available

    Please and any blogs and what is for 2012 important to us all

  80. Awesome creation of theme. Looking forward for more themes in future.. Keep up the good job

  81. Looking good, cannot wait to get my hands on it once it’s released…

  82. There’s a reason that long-form sales pages exist, and that they are still widely used today.

    The work. Plain and simple.

    If this were a plugin with a myriad of design options I’d be all over it!

  83. Looks great!
    Nice job guys!

  84. Very smart move nick! I’ll be renewing this year, congratulations on creating the best theme club ever!!

  85. Cant wait to get my hands on this !
    ps. Why is sytem blocking me if i enter my primary domain ?

  86. When the theme will be released?

  87. Still waiting…

  88. this is a wonderful theme. thanks..

  89. Truly gorgeous. Great job so far. :3

  90. I cant wait for the new theme…Can we use any of the themes available now as a landing page? Does anyone know if the “unbounce app” works with his themes?

  91. Speaking of ET and landing pages, where is your Hostgator affiliate page with the great discount?

    I went with Bluehost ultimately but now have need of an additional webhosting account and I’d be happy to oblige you with a referral fee by getting Hostgator through your affiliate link!

    Can’t seem to find it, though…so where’s your Hostagator affiliate landing page, Nick??

    • LMAO

      Never mind; it’s in your sidebar! Just goes to show how ad-blind I’ve become….

  92. Liked it! Awesome work.

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