Theme Sneak Peek: DailyJournal

Posted on January 25, 2012 by in Theme Sneak Peeks | 82 comments

Theme Sneak Peek: DailyJournal

Continuing our exploration into responsive design, we have decided to apply these techniques to a more traditional blog theme. It has been a while since we have created a true blog template, and I am excited to return to our roots! DailyJournal will feature a friendly, personal style and a responsive design that adapts to any device. I hope you like the preview, let us know what you think 🙂


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  1. I’m liking this theme, a lot! I’ve been looking for something like this for a new blog I’m creating. Can’t wait to see it when it’s done. Awesome, Nick!

    • like it too but plz dont forgot multi level menus

    • me2 😀

    • Yeh very nice theme, feels like professional

      • Waiting for the release of DailyJournal! 🙂

    • This looks pretty awesome!

  2. Looks epic.
    Any plans to retrospectively fit responsive design to other themes?

    • Very epic. It would be cool to have other themes where the main menu scrolls with you as well.

  3. Wow, it looks great! I really like the style!!!

  4. nice, though very similar to previous themes

    • Difference being that this layout will look good and adjust it’s view for all devices.

  5. Looks great. Love the simplicity. I will be redoing my blog when this comes out!

  6. Looks good. But its kinds similar to PersonalPress.

    • PersonalPress is not responsive.

      • The theme looks great Nick! I like the fact that you are starting to put a responsive design into the themes. Have you ever thought about possibly updating past themes to do that? That would greatly increase the value of all past themes. I know it’s a lot of work, but just a thought.

        • I’d also appreciate an updating of themes past instead of the constant rush into ever more themes — though I’m very excited about “Gleam”…!

          Or maybe what’s happening is a kind of tweaking of released themes, such as DailyJournal looking rather like PersonalPress…two birds with one stone??

  7. Nice, clean design. I hope the sidebar widgets will get some styling or space between entries that you see over on the right.

  8. as with all of your work, it’s very cool

  9. Looks great Nick, great UI as usual man. Hey, we still need to connect and chat about what I’m working on over at PressTrends. Hit me up on Twitter @grgortiz sometime this week. : )

  10. I love this one! Can’t wait to see the finished product. I’m thinking it’ll work great for one of my blogs!

  11. Didnt Notebook just come out?… Disappointed…

    We need something different, Modern, Sleek…

    • Not something new. How about more fixes to current themes? What about a framework that makes it easier to spit out child themes? How about seamless functionality from one Elegant theme to another? I guess that would also fall under a framework.

    • I’m a huge fan of the themes in general, but have to agree with Dre a little bit. Like the past 10 themes have been so whimsical and fairytale-like. I hope the next one is not called “Unicorn.” I’m dying to see another modern looking one like “The Source” or “Nova.”

      Great work though.

  12. Likes it, nice sleek, I am sure I will have some use for this.. Ideal for browsing on the go with the responsive design. Simple and smart for the client on the go!

    Look forward to playing with it 🙂

  13. Look very stylish and your work is getting better and better.

    Enjoying your membership.

  14. You know Nick, this would work very well for a new web site yes but also one integrated within a Facebook business and/or fan page.

    Does it narrow down (in wight) to 520px?


  15. I like this a lot! There’s a lot of room to breathe, which is a nice break from other themes.

  16. Nick,
    This is an awesome beginning of 2012, First Convertible and now My Daily Journal. Your team done fantastic job in 2012 with nice thought put in design. Good Work ET! Go on..

  17. ET! Nice job. Great color combination once again with pretty look. Looking different then other WordPress theme. Thanks

  18. So nice i like it ! thanks

  19. great responsive theme.

    • Responsive! That’s the way to go.
      Thanks ET

  20. Simple, clean, nice… Great job.

  21. I like it.
    I’m searching for something newer than “Memoir”. I ask one thing only: the possibility to change font (for the titles: I don’t like this kind of font, because I prefer something more… typographical), all around the blog/site (that is, not only for the titles).
    If it comes with these settings, I gues I’ll buy it to replace my/your Memoir (that I love, but it feels a little bit… old).


  22. Absolutely amazing! Love it.

  23. Nice one Nick, I can see this theme fitting in with an idea I had recently. I’m especially interested in trying the device-responsive layout.

  24. Very good theme! Liked the tradicional journal aspect of it, hope to be lauched soon…

  25. Very Uniue theme. Please try mega drop down menu for this theme 🙂

  26. How lovely!! I can’t wait to try this out! Thanks!!

  27. Really spiffy looking. Glad to see ET putting out so many nice looking personal/blog themes. Most other theme shops have been focusing only on business themes as of late.

  28. Love the colour combinations.
    That’s why we keep coming back to ET.

    Nice one Nick.

  29. I’m not fond of the color scheme, but you seem to be breaking out of your graphical rut – it’s quite different in feel from your previous themes. I’ll give it a go and see if the other color schemes are to my liking.

    Otherwise, I’m looking forward to seeing what else you have in store!

    • Everyone has their own opinion on color, just like the poster above you 🙂 It will have color options, as usual.

  30. Nick, you are one talented fella! Great work!

  31. Like what I see so far! will definitely want to try this one out when it’s ready!

  32. I love the notebook background of the blog post.
    Nice color scheme, too.
    Well done !

  33. Great theme. Will it include adaptive images like ??? Would be great!! Love it.

  34. Very nice!
    I’m using Bold at this moment, and I think I will switch to this theme. 🙂
    Can’t wait for it.

  35. Wow, great theme. I love it.

  36. Nice to see a more personal blog theme here 🙂 Good balance 🙂 Great theme.

  37. Looks nice.

    Can we move from DailyNotes to DailyJournal? DailyNotes have Notes/Photo/Quote/Link/Audio/Video etc so migrating from DailyNotes to DailyJournal, is possible?

  38. Fantastic! I’m in need of a theme for a new layout that’s device responsive. This is perfect for me. Hope it has some good visual customization because my current theme isn’t device responsive and could use an update itself.

  39. I meant to say for a new blog, not for a new layout.

    I really like this one.

  40. Love the new theme and yeah those responsive designs are great, So Nick are you bringing responsive design update to each and every old theme?

  41. Absolutely nothing wrong with this, a responsive personal blog theme, great if you want something for a personal blog or hobbyist site.

    I applaud the use of responsive themes, it’s the way forward, but please consider a decent responsive business theme.

    Being brutally honest since Chameleon there has been nothing that can be described as a professional business theme at all.

    Leanbiz for example was very washed out and pastel, which seems to be the case with the majority of the stock themes for the last 6 months, it needed serious hacking of the css stylesheet for real world business use.

    Once again this theme is very pretty and flawless from the looks of the demo images. But it gets to a stage where surely being pretty should be not be everything, how about for once something with crisp lines and professionalism written all over it.

    • Our last responsive design, Evolution, is already what I would consider a basic professional theme. Instead of making the same thing again, we will continue to apply responsive design to the various theme niches. A personal blog theme with responsive design serves an important purpose in our collection.

  42. It’s very nice! I wait the relased… 😉

  43. When will you come up with some mobile theme??

    • This is a mobile theme 🙂 It is responsive, which means it will work any any device.

  44. Really curious the the release

  45. Hi Nick,
    Beautiful theme as per usual, but this is a personal journal theme in my view, hardly a bloggers theme to earn money or where you would go to take advise. If you were going to create a responsive bloggers theme, why not an “authority theme” style that will add value? WordPress is the perfect blogger tool, so how about a serious bloggers theme. Lean, fast loading but professional, and not intended to show a portfolio or photos or web designs. Intended to grow the writers influence.
    Hope this helps.

    • Not everyone makes a blog to earn money. I think your description of the theme is correct. It’s a personal blog theme, which was exactly my goal. Not every theme will please everyone, but I can assure you we will continue to make a variety of awesome themes…one at a time.

  46. Rick is right, I have been complaining for months that you seem to have gone off on a designers journey (exploring responsive design or whatever), when people just want commercial themes.

    I won’t bother going over it all again, just won’t be renewing my membership unless you have produced a decent commercial theme by the time it runs out (about 2 months).

    I might join again if you actually get a commercial theme done.

    • There are a ton of commercial themes. I’m confused.

      • Michael,
        Just to explain my viewpoint.
        Yes, we have heaps of commercial themes.
        But we were talking about that.
        Those themes are not responsive, and they are built with a CMS website in mind, not purley a blog. All the themes I have seen for blogs are of the personal type, not the commercial type.
        Professional bloggers seem to be using Thesis or Genesis framework/themes.
        If you don’t care about speed and rankings, then why would you care about responsive themes?
        For instance, one of my non responsive blogs gets 5% of its traffic from iPhone users. If the theme was responsive maybe this traffic would be 25%, giving me an 20% increase in traffic without changing anything else.
        So what I was saying is yes responsive themes are the way forward, as we want the themes to render to the users desktops, tablets and smartphones, but why waste time and resources on blog specific themes that are meant for personal use, when you have plenty of these and little point in being responsive, when we have gaping holes in blog themes for professionals, that would get a benefit from having a responsive themes?
        The other point I was making is that the themes invariable have a portfolio section, aimed at two specific audiences, photographers and web designers. I am neither, and all of the web designers customers are not web designers.
        To a blogger a portfolio section is excess baggage, so why have things on themes that certain people don’t want?
        Finally to me speed is more important than pretty, if you have something important to say to your audience. If you don’t, then you need to do “pretty” to be interesting. Pretty will cost speed, and lack of speed will cost ranking and eyeballs on smartphones. Give me a professional theme, lean and fast over pretty any day for the web going forward.
        The theme portfolio is lacking balance in my view.

        • We can only make one theme at at time. First up is a Responsive Blog theme – more responsive designs to come of course.

    • I honestly don’t want a commercial theme! There’s a wide market in this area- and not just those that want commerical themes. I’m looking forward to trying out this theme for my personal blog.

  47. Nice theme Nick.
    As a non commercial non professional guy I value the different themes you have provided the last year. Especially if you look at the small amount of money charged. Real pros would probably spent a lot more money if needed, some people just want a front seat at a low price.

    Keep up the good work, responsive themes are great! Looking forward to this release and the next and the next…

  48. Looks great. Going to use it for a personal blog.

  49. Nick-

    I am very excited about this theme- and I will be using it for my new journal-style podcast. Is there an official release date for it?

    Looks perfect for me!


  50. When is this being release?

  51. not bad

  52. This theme looks pretty cool, clean and easy to read.

  53. Very nice theme! Looks so clean and professional.

  54. Looks great. I hope it will be released soon ?!?

  55. Good personal theme, Nick. However, I would prefer something new in business theme.
    Just a question, you were supposed to release the Convertible Plugin. I thought you would make the drag and drop work across any page and theme. Has that plan been scrapped?

  56. Lovely theme. It could be more effective if this theme has in-built social media buttons like , etc. Because I dont see them anywhere in the picture.

    Anyways nice work guys 🙂

  57. Nice theme the menu bar in the left and notepad style post area is awesome:)
    Nice work.

  58. This looks like a wonderfull theme. I would love to add it to one of my new projects on a news blog. Great job.

  59. Thank you sharing it. Looks good. But its kinds similar to PersonalPress.

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