Theme Sneak Peek: eList

Posted on October 17, 2011 by in Theme Sneak Peeks | 142 comments

Theme Sneak Peek: eList

Today I am excited to give everyone a preview on our upcoming Business Directory Theme. eList will give you the power to create an online directory that supports the classic directory layout and user-based submissions. We have had many requests for such a theme over the years, so I am happy to finally start working on it! I hope that you like what you see 🙂


Premade Layouts

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  1. I like it! Looking forward to seeing the finished theme, could be something that I could use.

    • Oh ya, this looks awesome 😀

      • totally agree, it looks AWESOME! can’t wait for it 🙂

    • Looks great.
      Will it be like OR

      We want paypal payment and featured listing options with deep links.

    • Seems to be a nice theme


  2. Neat! Everything you guys do rocks.

  3. Love this one. I’ll definitely have a use for it.

  4. Doesn’t seems to be working for me..but lets see after the release of it..Hope this theme would be useful for me…

  5. This looks really good! I have a project in mind that may be able to use this theme. Great work, Nick!

  6. It was something missing at Carpetcleaninghaddontownship.

    I ❤ Carpetcleaninghaddontownship.

  7. Nice theme

  8. Looks good. Hope you build in the ratings feature that is in InReview.

  9. Damn it Nick, how do you *do* that?

    I literally started working on a WordPress network yesterday, developing a marketing plan and defining my market. Today, you come out with a theme specifically targeted for what I want to do for the front page.

    One request – can you make one or more darker or masculine styles for this theme? I love your work, and it’s very slick, but I work within the shooting industry primarily these days, and it’s hard trying to sell scalloped edges to a company that sells tactical rifles 🙂

    • I agree. Lately all the themes have been light colors. Any chanc we could get some darker colors like black and brown? Love what you guys do. Just renewed my subscription!

  10. I really love elegant themes, you have some really unique and well crafted themes and I’ve used them for quite a few projects.

    I have to say though, the last few new themes all have a very similar feel which doesn’t really lend itself to a wider use. Some of the earlier themes were a little more flexible in terms of using for either corporate or personal. These new ones not so corporate friendly I feel. Might just be I’m not a huge fan of the style being used.

    Don’t get me wrong, your work is great and in general I really love how well crafted your designs are with all their little pixel perfect detail.

    • eList, Sky and HandHeld are similar themes? I can’t say I agree with that, as they all fill completely different niches and are quite unique. I also think the stark simplicity of eList is in contrast to the almost overly-graphical nature of Sky. I will certainly keep your input in mind though, thanks for the suggestion!

      • I understand (and agree) with what you’re saying. I also understand the comments of some of the others. I suspect it’s mainly a perception of the homepage.

        The current designs more or less show the same type of homepage. The colours, fonts, are different, some positioning is different, etc. – No question! But it’s the general feel, vibe, style, that comes across as the same…

        The lack of content can hurt SEO for the homepage in some situations.

        Maybe switch it up and do something really radical!? Front pages with thumbs, sliders, galleries, etc. do get a tich tired after a time. 😉 (And I do love your work – It ROCKS!!!)

        What do I mean by switching it up? Here are a couple themes you did that were VERY different:

        puretype (Lots of content!!)

        Askit (To the point and quick to see)

        Magnificent (3 columns, lots of content)

        The above (I think) clearly show “different” approaches, in styling, design, topography and so on.

        Don’t get me wrong – I love your themes, they are great! But I can understand how some might feel about the standard:

        Slider / Tagline / Gallery thumbs / Page blurbs


        Thanks for hearing everyone out!
        Your themes really rock! 🙂

      • Nick, I love your stuff, I think it was more just an observation that the type, colour scheme and general feeling for these later ones is much more specific whereas some previous ones lent themselves to wider application.

        Not saying they’re not good. They are

      • Hi Nick, another great theme. I don’t think that nomadone was saying the themes were similar, but the feel. Sky looks similar to others, till you try the demo. Then you realise its unique, and I feel equally suited to a for a personal blog or corporate website. Elist promises to be a great directory listing theme, so that is totally different, and hand held is a a mobile theme. What I believe Nomadone is getting at is Template layout, which often is identical to other themes. If you go to Theme forest you’ll see a variety of ideas of what a theme could look like and go. But these themes are $40 a pop and only one install, so there is no comaparison in value for money with Elegant themes. Most people would want you traveling in the direction you are heading, producing themes for business. That is where the money is. For your own personal websites, or if you are selling your services to others. If you are selling web services then a business will pay more. If all you want is a personal blog, I can’t understand why you can’t pick from those already available.
        If you are blogging professionally, you would not worry about the look of the blog, as you would value an optimised framework for speed and SEO, and let the content do the work.

        • Yes, all of our themes are similar is style. That is because they are all made by one designer, me. ThemeForest is a collection of hundreds of designers. If you want access to every ThemeForest theme, you are going to have to pay a lot more than $40 🙂

  11. Great! Will you also integrate payment options to monetize it?

    • This. Unless I can monetize it, its going to take finding a customer coder who can patch it up, in which case I might as well go for another solution.

      If this is monetized I will be the first to buy it as I have been looking for a directory solution. Thanks!

      • @swilliams It’s not that I am not able of adding the code needed to monetize it, but why release such a template when you not add the extra backend features?

        • That’s one thing I like about his themes. The ability to add different features. And if you use the support forum, you often get help there.

          Personally, I suspect one of the issues faced when Nick develops a theme, is “what to include”, “what not”, and “what to make optional”.

          It’s hard to create a theme with all the bells and whistles (and retain maximum plugin compatibility – Also new WordPress release compatibility). 😉

          • ola guys, I have custom paypal buttons 🙂 I am not using that free options (plugins) some of them are fail 🙂

            I’ve written my own paypal plugin.. anyone who interesting about it can me via pm (you have to be registered with elegant themes and have valid one of the licences)


    • Indeed. Not many would be interested in a directory website that can’t be monetized.

      If it can be integrated with one of the popular PayPal carts that would be really great.

  12. Very nice and the timing couldn’t be better. I am working on a QR code directory.
    Any ETA on the template?

  13. Awesome!!!! I’m actually building a site right now that is a directory and was just wishing that you had a directory theme.

    Your sites are almost the most elegant looking ones 😉

  14. Nick will this have a feature for premium clients? Example if someone wants to have priority/featured listing, they can request it or pay for it? Would be nice to have something like that for project.

    • Yes, we plan to have paid listings/paid featured listings.

    • @Sazzad

      Hopefully you can comment on the success when you get to use this?

      I’m just asking, because I’ve tried something like this each year for the last 6 years, and each time there was an overwhelming negative response from my existing clients and potential clients. Why…?


      Especially now with Mobile Local!!!!! (That and Google’s avoidance of “lists”)

      One you get the chance, it would be really great to read some of your feedback! (If possible). Thanks.

      • I will use this theme/list on a free hosting site my company runs. Since this is somewhat a free form of advertisement for the users, I don’t see this failing. And for me, this will be more community board than a public listing.

  15. OMG yes! I have been trying to create a directory over at my site using the WP-Directory-List plugin. If this theme makes that easier and offers a priority/featured listing option that is paid for I would be REALLY happy!

  16. I’m still used ‘directory press’ themes for my directory, and I am very very excited if you will release eList ASAP! Can’t wait eList!!!!

    • Great, stay tuned!

  17. Nick,
    Absolutely fantastic news. I love the fact you’re creating themes for specific purposes. Smart and much welcomed in the WordPress world. I CANNOT wait to kick the tires of this theme.

    Please, please, please, if at all possible, enable a multi-variable search option so that people can search for items in a search box by multiple parameters. This is hard to find in a directory theme and is something I believe is very important in a theme.

  18. I will be on stand-by for this one, Nick!

    Will it have any ecommerce capabilities/payment options built-in to help monetize it?

    • We plan to add options to allow users to pay for listings via PayPal.

      • I’d like to point out that many industries are effectively banned from PayPal. It would be very nice if you could integrate an additional provider – or better yet, build a consistent payment API that your community can use to add providers, and works across all of your future themes that include payment functionality.

      • Please nick, have other payment options. Like google check out, wepay,, etc.
        I hate paypal!

      • Just awesome – I use a competitors theme which has been a nightmare to get working.

        This will be a breath of fresh air – thank you Nick!

  19. Wow. This is wonderful and perfect timing for a client!

  20. Nick,

    As always, an amazing and beautiful theme. Will there be any plans to add in a paid directory feature or integration to do so? I’m thinking along the lines of and, of course.

    Just a thought, but this would be a rich, featured theme that would make it excellent for those of us who are trying to help offline clients get online!

    • ++1


  21. Great News Waiting for the theme for directory

  22. Wow! That’s New Look for Directory websites.

    Waiting for the release! 🙂

  23. One more great business theme. Looking forward for it’s release.

  24. Looking great. One request can advance searching option can be added in this theme.

    • Or like a series of filters in ElegantEstate!

  25. Looking great!
    I have a project on web directory and love to have this theme available. 🙂

  26. I hope eList should be the wonderful “Business Directory Theme” so far!

    All the best for the completion. 🙂

    • We hope to too!

  27. This is awesome! I love ET period.

  28. Nice concept, Looking different and attracting then other business theme,
    Nice job Nick!!! Wait for release.

  29. Nice theme.
    Great work Nick.

  30. It looks very nice.
    Looking forward to seeing the theme very soon!

  31. Great! Been waiting for so long… Can’t wait. Now I have left hotel reservation with payment gateway theme in my waiting list… 😉

  32. Nick, what a great idea for a community website to pull all the businesses together and give information to local people. I can see, this would be a great resource and look forward to seeing the finished product.

  33. Great, now I can see the actual poll results are being implemented.

    eList will be of great help as I am comfortable incustomizing elegangt themes as per my requirement.

    Thanks once again

  34. This looks really good. I’m glad to hear that there will be a paid listings feature.

  35. I want this NOW! 🙂 I’m really looking forward to this release as I have used alternative themes that haven’t quite cut it for me… as with all the Carpetcleaninghaddontownship I have used I’m sure this will deliver the goods.

    Thanks in advance.


  36. Not ready for this one yet, but nice to know it’s there.

    Good work as usual.

  37. Yay!!! Awesome! Cannot wait to use it!

  38. Hi Nick:

    This might be a good opportunity to use a user review function as well. A directory with user-reviews including stars and perhaps commentary? Would be nice.

    Otherwise, looks promising.


    • Great idea. That would be fantastic !

  39. I like what I see and in fact, this may be the theme that will get me into your membership, I was actually going to email and ask if you had something like that. So, when do you expect to release it?

    • Nick’s lead time has historically been about two weeks from the “sneak peek” post.

      I’m planning a full launch of a site featuring this theme for the second week of November.

  40. Great theme Nick. I like navigation menu section and fonts.

    • Thanks 🙂

  41. Need more Blog themes :/

  42. Nice Theme. Can’t Wait.

    Below are some suggestions might be Considerable…
    1) Google Map
    2) Custom Fields

    Thank you

    • We hope to integrate both of these. Thanks for the suggestions.

  43. Hi Nick!

    I have 1 year searching for a WP Theme or good directory script, a month ago I expend a huge amount of money in this model of business, soo.. I have my site ready to go!

    Your themes are suberp, the best on the net and your epanel is glorious! I know for shure this theme will be really good in the admin area and listing management!

    But the desing lacks in functionality, the colors and forms dont cause impact on me, and the categories have much importance instead the listings!

    I dind`t see space for advertising, reviews, events, map, etc!

    Of course this only my point of view!


  44. Dear Nick,
    the theme looks awesome! Two questions^

    1. When should we expect it to be released?

    2. I would like to use simple directory, with the ability to put listings under many categories..But I don’t want any submission and other features.. I plan to use it with my membership plugin. Will it be possible? or should I look for some other theme instead of waiting? Thank you in advance!

    • By the way, I used directorypress theme before, but it’s not suitable for my current projects. Too complicated and a lot of things that I would like to get rid of. I just need a simple directory theme or plugin, but the ones on the market are not working for me.

  45. Will you be adding maps and listings on the maps? Would be really valuable for local listings.

    • Yeah maps features would be perfect to add a complete company submition!

      • Yes we are planning to integrate google maps into listing.

  46. Will there be a plugin associated with this theme for the directory aspect of it?

  47. Wow! Finally an “Awesome” elegant themes Directory related business model for All kinds of {Twistable} Niche business concepts & ideas! …

    Nick… Please build-in some misc. Video related Options and Capabilities into your elist Directory theme…

    Making it [A] “Killer” theme for Creativity, ideas 2011, 2012 and Ongoing way into the Future! … 🙂

    Much appreciated!

    All the best…

  48. Great job guys!!!

    This was one of my oldest requests and it looks like you guys nailed it!!!

    Thank you!

  49. Fantastic looking theme!
    Like others I have tried using directory plugins with existing themes as well as using directorypress, but in terms of design this looks a cut-above, and I’m sure it will be superbly coded and perform well too.

    Really looking forward to seeing this released.

  50. hello
    Thank for the job !
    I used deepfocus and i think we need a new Photoblog Template..Perhaps soon?…

    • Thanks for the suggestion, I will certainly keep it in mind.

  51. Wow, how did you do that… read my mind, I mean. 🙂

    I have been playing with all sorts of plugins and templates in order to get my new project up and running for our community. And this is EXACTLY what we need. I have played around with a few others but they lack the simplicity and beauty, in short, they lack the ELEGANCE, of Carpetcleaninghaddontownship.

    Just my 2c worth here…. it sounds like it’s going to be feature rich with featured listing and paid listings. I wonder if there will be a user based rating system of some kind as well 😉

    I cant wait! Love your work!

  52. Finally!!! Been waiting for a Business Directory theme from you guys. I can’t wait for the release!

  53. These are great news! I think my local clients would be happy to hear about it. I would like for example find an easy way to host a free directory page for readers, affiliates, advertisers, independent professionals(i.e, lawyers, notaries, realtors,…), community or sport club members(soccer!). Invite them to submit a free simple advertisement listing for themselves on your blog.

    The listings can include company name, a short description, and information including a company URL. The theme may include an admin tab that allows me to approve of listings before they appear live on the site. The admin can also edit and delete listings.

    Also, plan to have/offer a premium version of this theme that allows you to promote a listing upgrade to your directory participants; the admin can set the cost and collect via PayPal/Google checkout, then the premium customers get to upload a logo and appear in the top ‘premium’ section of your Directory.

    I heard Business Directory Listing is a great way to increase the SEO value of your site, and to monetize your community participation.
    I can’t wait to try it out!
    Thanks Nick!

  54. Any idea when this theme will be available?

  55. Ive been looking for something like this for a while How long before we can see it ?
    cant wait

    • It should be ready in a week or so.

  56. Nice to hear about the Directory Theme

  57. Hi looks like another great theme.

    A few feature suggestions;
    1. Users can submit sites
    2. Check automatically for reciprocal link.
    3. Track reciprocal sites for daily visitors, so the top list of sites can be ordered by popularity

  58. Hey Nick, I am really glad you are tackling some different website types. Keep it up! (A job board would be awesome btw, I have a simple one & have never seen anything so sticky in my life).

    I bought a directory theme last year and while it does the job I wouldn’t say it looks great.

    Now you guys are on the case I know that I will have something gorgeous as well as functional.

    Will it have any kind of mass import/scraper function to give a site entries for launch?

  59. Nice theme :))

  60. It promises to be very stylish template.

  61. Yes please – I have an application for this right now and will hold off on the work until this theme is released. Especially with the paypal option to pay for listings.

  62. great, when will release nick?thanks

    • Hopefully in a week or so.

  63. Seems to be very beautiful, I’m looking forward to the launch, congratulations!

  64. Very nice layout.

  65. Is this something that could be used for managing job applications? Like post new requirements and such? Or more like a directory of users

  66. Hi, guys I just want to thank you for you themes. They are fantastics end very easy to use and set up.
    Actually I am desperate because you don’t have an ecommece theme that fits my necessity so I purchased a theme from theme forest.

    I was looking for an elegant and easy to use (i mean for users) theme like this:

    I like your estore but it doesn’t have the blog section so all posts will be displayed as product.

    The theme I purchase is good and perfect to fit a clothes eshop but actually, I am really desperate because it is very had to set up and to get help it’s a real nightmare!!! Theme forest is not really easy to use and I think all is a bit confused.

    If you will create a estore with blog section I will be glad to replace the forest theme with your!

    Keep up you job, You are the best on the net!


  67. Very nice theme! Just what I’ve been looking for, really like the idea of paid directory, and as always your themes are clean, well laid-out, etc.

  68. This looks great!

    Anyone know if user reviews will be available?

  69. Sorry to pour cold water on the the business plans of all of the above. Article Directories are FREE, do you really think your can do better that Ezine, Hubpages, Squidoo and the thousands of sites out there?

    Google reduced the PR of the mainstream sites and the remaining have no value at all as they just contain spun content.

    Do you really think you can get people to pay you for an inferior version of what is available for free.

    I agree with the numerous people above who have said that the recent sits all have the same look and feel, from the washed out Cyan colors to the layout, just lame.

    We need more mainstream themes, particularly more corporate type themes and more corporate colors.

    Nick can disagree but in the end it makes sense to develop for the biggest markets.

    As for Article Directory themes, well again there are numerous free ones out there.

    • I think you may be underestimating the versatility of the theme. First of all it’s not meant to be an article directory, though it could potentially be a directory of anything.

      You could use it as a local classified listings page, and have people pay to sell things. It could be a local job board where people pay to list their resumes. It could just be a local business directory where people pay to promote their website. The point is that the theme allows for user generated content that can be placed behind an optional paywall.

      Anyway, the fact that there are other directory themes available isn’t of any concern. There are also tons of free Blog, Magazine, eCommerce, Tumblr, and Photographer themes available. So why should I make any themes at all? I like to think, however, that our versions of these themes strive to raise the bar wen it comes to quality design and features. This theme is no different.

      • I really appreciate this directory theme. I’m sure it will be MUCH better than what’s out there. However, I will have to agree with some of the negative comments about the last handful of themes being similar. A lot of the newer designs are IMO not corporate or small business friendly. They seem more mom blogger friendly. Anyway, I hope I haven’t insulted you. Your designs are really unique and well thought out.

      • ++ 1

      • Nick, great theme – could there be several levels of payment ?

        IE: Basic = 19.95

        Gold = 29.95

        Bronze = 39.95

        Please advise –


    • Sorry but I have to disagree with you. People don’t pay for a directory listing, they pay for traffic. I own a site that gets over 120,000 unique visitors a month.

      You think my advertisers care what the site looks like ? Corporate theme, Salon theme, yuppie theme ? Naaa

      All they care about is that their phone rings and they get new business – people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care by helping them get seen 😉

      • @JP You want am arm and a leg for $40?

        I have been involved with front end design for the past 15 years and I can tell that the designs on this forum are one of the best comparable in the industry.

        The designs are awesome! The fine details are even better!!!

      • Who is your host? Do they handle the traffic well?

    • “As for Article Directory themes, well again there are numerous free ones out there.”

      Uff, and they are absolutely terrible too.

  70. Will we able to make a login page for people to not only post but also a password to send someone a reply to their post? I want to control both end users.

  71. Hi, I think it will be kind of different directory. Especially because most templates on the market with integrated directory features don’t win.
    Your designer abilities in mind, I again wonder how the loading page will be increased on this job?
    Do You consider it having a small JS-overhead only?
    CSS sprites?
    Anything clever to make the site load lighting fast wihtout having it running on the fastest server on the earth?
    I would really appreciate Your energy in this direction too, because a fast loading directory is a must.


  72. Nick,

    Will there be comments/ratings for the listing?
    That would certainly be very desirable.


  73. Nick this may be a late request but for the next theme can you perhaps work on a system where members get access to list of downloadable content? Something similar to this site where the users have a selection of membership types and based on that membership type they get the ability to certain downloadable content. I don’t have time to work on something myself as client projects are higher priority so I’m submitting this request.

  74. I just became a member. This is my first post.

    I will try this with a plug-in I purchased on the Warrior Forum. With one press of a button, I created a directory listing of Boston hair salons. With one press of a button I created multiple directories for all major cities. See my in-process to see it.


    • can i ask what plugin that was ?

      much appreciated –


      • WP Local Plus Plug-in. It’s up to $27, but it’s worth it. You can create a directory for niches on Google Places, and even charge businesses for being featured.

        I wasn’t sure if I could “name names” here.


        • thank you – will look into it.

  75. What a coincidence! I’ve just started work on a directory website and paid quite a bit for a design :@ but this looks far better!

    Cannot wait!

    Thanks guys.

  76. That’s really great news. I have been waiting so long for such a theme and I be happy to hear, that now is it coming.

  77. Great look. Would love to have the funtionality of a sortable or filtered portfolio by categories as I have been seeing on other wordpress theme sites, like ThemeForest:

    That would truly rock!

  78. Are we there yet?

    Are we getting close to release date yet? I have been checking this site like a woman possessed. I have my site up and ready- raring to go… just waiting for this theme. I know it will be worth the wait but I’m impatient, lol.

    Are we there yet?


  79. Can’t wait for this to be released.

  80. really excited about this, will it appear soon, do you have any additional themes coming out this month ?

  81. Aloha Nick,

    Looks like you should be about ready to launch eList. I’m excited as ever!
    Google maps, paid listing and paid premium listings, user generated listings, but
    what about a “five-star” or review feature?
    Like a star-system or maybe just a “comment” section would suffice?
    Really excited, coming out tomorrow right 🙂 Can’t wait!!!

  82. Will this have more than one colour scheme available? Really like the theme and could find a good use for this, I’m just a bit unsure on the colour scheme.

  83. Any further news on this, Nick?

  84. Hi, love the themes! Just wondering if you’d ever thought of putting a ‘ken burns’ type image slider/paning in any of your themes and/or slider shortcodes?

  85. Could you use this directory with other themes? Maybe someone asked that already. We are going to do some work with business groups and this could be huge!


  86. Ohhhh my !

    Waiting for this one with gret impatience ^^

    nice shot !

  87. Oh ya, this looks awesome 😀

  88. Keeps getting better and better 🙂 Keep it up – very nice theme.

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