Theme Sneak Peek: Envisioned

Posted on March 15, 2011 by in Theme Sneak Peeks | 125 comments

Theme Sneak Peek: Envisioned

Today I am pleased to give you a glimpse at our upcoming portfolio theme, Envisioned. My goal with Envisioned is the expand upon the idea of a “portfolio” theme, giving users more options (portfolio layout settings, captions, multi-media, portrait/landscape orientation, improved lightbox funcitonality and more) than has been seen in any of our “gallery” themes to date. This also gives us an opportunity to turn these portfolio layouts into page templates for all themes, which I am sure many users will be happy to see. As for the design, the best portfolio themes are clean, simple and balance, and that is my goal with Envisioned. I hope you like the preview! Let us know what you think.

Premade Layouts

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  1. Nice!

  2. Nice, clean simple design.. Love it

    Hm, as a suggestion, maybe some Secial Media part (i know that we can put some widget/plug-in), but maybe it will be cool to have preinstaled (and pre-designed) fb fan box (or Twitter fan count, linkEdin portf, etc..)

  3. Looks like another great design!

  4. Love it.

  5. Smooth!

  6. I have high hopes for this theme! I’m a photographer who is looking for an opportunity to dump my flash-based website in favor of one that will function when somebody views it with an iPad/iPhone.

    With that said, I’d like a theme that is designed for a desktop/laptop computer in mind but doesn’t rely on flash. At the same time, I would like it to have some of the same sexiness as many of the flash-based portfolio/gallery sites have.

    I’d love to see a featured slider that shows images big (maybe up to 700 pixels tall) and has some flexibility with aspect ratio.

    Having great caption options is awesome. I hope the theme will include a nice option for those who don’t want to use captions at all.

    “As for the design, the best portfolio themes are clean, simple and balance” I couldn’t agree more!

  7. It looks awesome! Nice done!

  8. W – I – D – E content area…. and i don’t mean full page without sidebar – i mean wide content area with sidebar etc.

    Wide enough to fit video at say 640px wide without it looking cramped… and likewise wider slideshows…

    Also Gallery images that don’t have to 100% be linked to posts…

    Good luck 🙂

    • “Also Gallery images that don’t have to 100% be linked to posts…”


      • “Also Gallery images that don’t have to 100% be linked to posts…”

        I agree too!

        • I agree too !

          And I add that it would be awesome if we could create blog post featuring entire galeries to blog photo series !

          Thanks !

          • Yes, let me point it to a folder and have the images/videos in there populate the gallery (+ auto update) = awesome !

  9. Love it!

  10. THIS is what I am waiting for!!!!!!!!

  11. Look forward to using it!

  12. This looks super clean! I’m looking forward to seeing this one up close.

  13. Love it! 🙂

    • cool-theme

  14. It looks amazing! Still waiting to see Webly finished though 🙂

    • Don’t worry, we are hard at work on Webly!

  15. Add a deep classic red/maroon color option and even a lighter option, a deep tan

    • Yeah, I am definitely feeling a deep maroon colorscheme for this theme. Thanks for the suggestion.

      • Please add a more modern white colour version as well.

        • Ditto for the white. Nice and clean!!! 🙂

  16. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    This sounds like what I’ve been waiting for. I’m really looking forward to gallery images with captions!

    As a writer, I need to add titles to my portfolio.(The better to show off my ability to create catchy headlines to potential clients.) A page of nothing but images doesn’t help me, but images with captions, that’s exactly what I need.

    Can’t wait to check this out!

    Can’t wait.

  17. I am sooooo glad I found you and your themes. Your work makes me so happy and I love telling people about you when they ask about my theme! Spectacular!

    • Thanks Jean! We appreciate you spreading the word 🙂

  18. This looks awesome.
    Can’t wait for its release and to be able to use it. And I think I have a client who also may be interested in utilizing it.

  19. Amazing as usual, I second Jean. Finding you and your themes have been extremely valuable and useful. Your work is highly admired 🙂

  20. I like this theme but wondering if you have any plans to offer wp-theme framework so we can further customize your themes apart from what options it comes in.

    • We don’t have any specific plans, but it’s definitely something to think about. Thanks for the suggestion.

  21. Wow I love this theme. It’s not to dark, and yet its not too light! Amazing!

    • Thanks Kat. I’m glad you like it! I try hard to keep my designs balanced.

  22. Great Design, mmm this looks better than the one im using right now 😀

  23. Great Theme! 🙂

    We can use as Corporate or Business Portfolio theme…

    Excellent Job!

  24. Just tell us when will it be completed. 🙂 Cant wait already to use it. You are the best.
    Thanks for your great designs.

    • It will probably be a couple weeks. Right now we are focused on Webly.

  25. Lovely theme, loving the content presentation section. eager to see the demo.

  26. Nice one I like it

  27. I just don’t like the menu. I think the corners should be strait. I hope you can make the possibility to choose how the menu should look like…

  28. Love it! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for!

    • I’ve been looking for one of these for a while and saw this so I signed up last night. Do you have an estimated release date?

  29. Look very nice but i think that the menu bar is not enought integrate seem to much foating.
    best regards

  30. Great theme as usual Nick .. you are our inspiration .. 😉

    • Thanks. It’s much appreciated!

  31. I think this is just what I’ve been looking for! Hope there’s a white background option as well. 🙂

  32. OMG! I am just about to design a website by myself, and then I got here – It simply is exactly what I have in mind for it. Same colour, structure etc! I will pay for it as soon as it is released. Can’t wait!

  33. “This also gives us an opportunity to turn these portfolio layouts into page templates for all themes”

    So Envisioned portfolio could be used with my Enews theme? That would make me very happy!

    • That’s the plan!

  34. Is it out yet? Is it out yet? Is it out yet? :)-

    • Sorry, you’ll have to wait a bit longer 🙂

  35. “portrait/landscape orientation”

    Yes! Finally! I know this might sound a bit weird, but you won’t believe how long I’ve been looking for a decent theme that can handle both properly. Very much looking forward to this one. Looks amazing!

  36. Another winner from ET.
    Great work Nick, and team.

    Looks stunning.

    • Thanks Keith 🙂

  37. Nice, but will it also have a “white light” version, or only dark grey?

    • I am not sure, but I will keep your suggestion in mind.

      • I’d love to see this, too!

      • Would love it! 🙂

      • I vote for a white version as well.

  38. Love the membership and themes that come out every month, But I have one question… Can you guys please release a review theme. I’m sure everyone will agree, an elegant review theme, would rock :p

    • I’ll certain keep it in mind. Thanks for the suggestion.

      • I agree. A review theme would be amazing. 🙂

  39. I*want*this*theme*please

  40. Fantastic theme preview looks really fabulous.

  41. this is good nick, l realy want to see this right now because themes getting perfect here and time to travel themes l think.

  42. I love all your themes and I’m definitely considering the membership. A quick question though, can any of your themes be custom colored besides the included color themes? That may be an important consideration for us.

    Also, will the event theme options be available to other themes?


  43. Awesome looking theme! Can you please make an orange template color?? Would be sick!

    • I’ll keep orange in mind, thanks for the suggestion.

  44. Looks hot for image promotion – can’t wait to test out the featureset!

  45. I dont know if this right but this the third theme in the same category during this month 🙂

  46. Hi Nick,

    At first sight it looks a little bit to brave in my opinion.

    When taking a good look at it, the website is very clean and neat. But i guess its to “boring” to get the WOW effect when visitors visit “your” website.

    Although it looks alright!

    Best Regards,
    Wesley Quist

  47. Cool, Lovely.Thanks

  48. Looks lovely although not something I think I’d use.

    I just wanted to compliment you on the update schedule you’ve been keeping to on this blog. It’s great to see the regular theme and sneak peek release schedule. Thank you.

  49. Looks seriously awesome Nick.

    I personally would love to see a theme designed for musicians, comedians, actors, film makers.

    Something that works great with audio, video, news, event listings, gallery, webstore links.

    There are a lot of bands out there using wordpress!

    Thanks for everything, Mikey

    • or even better make this functionality available on all themes as page templates so we can have more options more designs to pick from. I have many musicians and actors that would like something like that.

      • Whole heartily agree. Themes specifically designed for performers or theatre companies would be awesome! Its something that you don’t see a lot of but would be welcomed from many Im sure.
        Please from one Nick to another, can this be something to think about?

        But let it not be said that this theme is just Beautiful! dude, I mean pure yum. Well done mate, top work, I wish I had your skills!

  50. Great stuff. Looking forward to seeing Envision and Webly soon

  51. Beautiful! Can’t wait for this one =)

  52. Hi !

    This theme looks really awesome Nick. You’re doing great job, as usual. Can’t wait to use this theme for my personal website…

    Thanks for all !

  53. we want some “hacking style” themes! 😉

  54. WOW! That is one awesome looking theme and one I can’t wait to get my hands on. Been searching and trying various themes for one of my projects and nothing seemed to fit.

    And then? saw this post and I was like aha, there she is 🙂

    Great job guys.

  55. Great one, I looks awesome. I love design and background color so much

  56. Please make the background for the gallery page black in the black color scheme. Black really makes images pop! And if the caption wouldn’t cover the bottom of the photo that would be good because people want to see the whole photo. And, just a suggestion, but maybe the shadowbox could have a little “i” button, and when you click it it will give you the info about the photograph.
    Plus, I’m not very familiar with wordpress yet so I’m not sure if this is already possible, but can you make it so that you can write “Copyright 2011” at the bottom of the website?
    I may consider using this theme instead of the ephoto theme, but I already uploaded 200 photos for the ephoto so I’m not sure if I can change the theme and still keep the photos. This theme is really clean and simple thank you so much working on another photography theme

    • It would be cool too if there was a way to buy some photos, like make it a photography business online and nobody could copy the photo straight out of the shadowbox! =)

  57. Dear Nick. Thankyou For the new theme. but I would ask a question why you made just in another words most of your recent themes are planned on protfolio and so on. there is not new creative news or e-commerce or b2b or something new not just portfolio. this is my opinion and this is just a issue

  58. As usual smooth and superb theme..

  59. thankyou so much this luks like what i want. please please please protect the pics by not allowing anybody to steal them by copying them straight off the site i don’t want anybody stealing my stuff 🙂

  60. Nick, this looks amazing!

    When will we something music related for those of us in music industry?

  61. I hope it will be able to handle panoramic photos too!

  62. Nice, I like the color you’ve been putting out a lot of lighter color themes of late nice to see some darker colors. I’m sure this will be in a few colors though. We really need a solid portolio type theme the gallery stuff is not working out so well… Something like NextGen Gallery that allow you to add and manage your images/albums without having to rely on categories and tags from posts similar to NextGen Gallery would be nice also sidebar support.

  63. I hate Next Gen. As a pro photographer, I need captions! Or as someone said, optional captions. With no space/character limitation!

    Also, I need sidebars for nav, smo, links to PayPal, other sites, the typical right sidebar stuff.

    I DO NOT want to load my photos using WP interface. I want to FTP folders, and point to the folder. Sometimes my WP install goes wacky. When I have to reinstall, there goes my upload folder and all the info. That’s why I hand-code and upload one image at a time. Not happy about that, but I’ve learned not to use WP upload.

    I want a gallery w/filmstrip thumbnails, above or below the big image, with file name, and caption, and comments. Like Yahoo has after Oscars red carpet. When someone finally designs that for WP, I’ll truly be happy online. If only I were a programmer ….

    Re limiting ppl’s ability to capture the image. Give it up, not gonna happen. Firefox has many add-ons to capture the page, or selection. Why fight it?

    WATERMARK YOUR IMAGES. I love it when ppl use my photos, cos they expose my work to ppl. Who then find me cos my images are watermarked.

    Yikes, it’s like asking thieves to stop breaking into homes. It’s OUR responsibility, have a night light and double-bolted door. So WATERMARK your images.

    I read on Photoshelter, some idiot lawyer, saying not to watermark cos it affects sales negatively. NO WAY. It helps drive ppl to my site. NO ONE ever complains about my watermarking.

    AND I can’t tell you how many times ppl scan from books or who knows where to post my photos? Oh how my work has been bootlegged. I’ve been through it all. Few ppl have had their work stolen as often nor as long as I. So I watermark ’em and let it go …. unless the thief has some money, the I go for it …. haven’t recovered that much, but some rock n roll photogs make a good living going after thieves.

    ta ta and pls think about some of my suggestions. I NEED A RIGHT SIDEBAR. AND better gallery. Everyone just does the same ol, same ol, never ASKING photographers what WE want or need. Seriously.

    Programmers pay no attention to me. Wow, except for my many fans who appreciate my tips. And photos. I know more about tech issues than most rock photogs, but sadly, not a PHP programmer …. just no time. I’m backed up w/photo work!

    NICK, thanks so much. I’ve enjoyed using your themes. I’m always recommending you to others. Great price and support!

    Ta ta and namaste,

    • I understand what you mean; watermarking does attract people to your site. But I don’t want to watermark my images because (1) if I do I would want to do it in some corner so you can see the whole image and (2) If I put it in the corner than people can crop it out, so I would have to put it in the middle but that ruins my images. I think Envisioned should give you a choice; you can check off “Protect my images and make it impossible to copy them by simply dragging them out of the shadowbox” (obviously not that long, but you get the idea) I want my photos to be presented best as possible. Black makes images pop. If the gallery could have a black background and the shadowbox be black (like shadowbox jX) instead of light, that would be great! If envisioned had it where you could just have the option of protecting the images, than it would satisfy the photographers who want to protect their images AND the ones who want people to use them. 🙂

  64. Nick, why do you and others use such light type against a light background? There’s a reason we use black ink on white paper. Contrast, so we can see.

    Ppl look at sites via all kinds of devices in all kinds of light. I spend half my time just making text darker …. I was looking at Modest ….

    I know you like very clean sites, but even the SMO icons on the top right are so light that I guarantee 99% of the ppl visiting a typical site would miss that. Ppl are not net savvy, and we have less than a second to grab their attention …. so I’m wondering about that.

    As a commercial artist, it’s not my right to impose my design sensibility when clients want something else, if that something else works. It’s my duty to offer my clients what they want if they have some good ideas. To take their ideas and make it work!

    In other words, there are punk rock photos which I really love. But the fans taught me which ones THEY really love. AND which are commercial! IF I insisted on only promoting my fave photos, my archive would suffer. Because I pay attention to the groups and images fans respond the best, I’ve been able to build a good rep. Market-driven, you know?

    When I was a fine artist in college and the gallery world, I could do whatever I wanted. But then I picked up a camera and became part of the bigger public world, the one of books, mags, docs, and photo collectors. My photos introduced many bands and ppl to fans. The public lets me know their faves.

    I don’t understand why this is such a hard concept for WP designers, all across the board. Ppl are so afraid to say, please do this or that. So many say, oh this is swell, when for many, it’s not ….

    Of course you can say if I don’t like it, go elsewhere. But this is common, the light text against light background, not having right sidebars, and the constant same features and functionality re photo galleries.

    I’ve been making sites since 1995, online since 1992, and working/teaching computer apps since 1987. Been around, always learning something new. But some things are puzzling to me …. like the questions I posed.

    thank you again, cos you do create some awesome designs …. but on the other hand … there’s room to branch out … like many artists, we have the talent to do something differently ….

    ta ta again, jenny

    • There are lots of designers out there. I love the style of Nick’s site. There are plenty of other designers who are less subtle if that is your thing. Plenty of black text on white background options; very few that are “elegant”.

    • The reason why most of us purchase from Nick is “his” style! Im sure most would agree.

  65. This theme is awesome! but when will it be ready? i just cant wait to have it!

  66. love it!! good job

  67. absolutely beautiful, and I’m looking forward to seeing the full version of it once it’s released.

    only issue i’ve had with these themes (mainly the image slider in them) is that I’m a portrait photographer, and shoot in portrait orientation.

    Alas, It’s not really something which can be fixed though, since monitors are widescreen, websites are designed accordingly…

  68. Really like the look of it, Nick, and I suspect I’ll be nabbing it for my planned photo-blog. I’d be really pleased to see the new gallery pages ported across to the other templates… that would be a really welcome addition.

  69. Oh, I was looking at Webly for my photo site but I believe this one is better … Can’t wait for its release … Nice job nick and team 🙂

    • When r u going to release this theme. I am building a professional photography site and I kinda liked this theme.. Appreciate any info

  70. Its look nice and clean but the design is similar to the previous template design….

    I wanted see some new futuristic design for header part….

  71. I really really cant wait for this theme,
    Id pay the same again for this one alone i think, it looks beautiful!

    How long until its out? I love webly, but this is the one Im looking forward to.

    • It should be ready in a few days.

  72. Envisioned looks like it’s going to be another winner, Nick!

  73. I’m really liking the look of this one. Is there any chance of an all dark version of it when it goes final?

  74. Homepage slider likes Modest themes.
    additional info likes Weebly themes…

    I think ….. These themes are a combination of both

  75. Hi, Nik

    I still needs a theme for a really Magazine. Your theme look great I like its all but it almost for the web designed developers.

    I would like to looking for the portal, news community, tech news etc.

    Thank for your look 😉

  76. Beautiful! I love all the built-in features.

  77. I love this one. Looking to redesign my site and this could look good

    • Great, I am glad to hear it!

  78. it’s really amazing design..very beautiful.thanks

    • Thanks 🙂

  79. Like the simple horizontal layout. It would be nice to have the option for a 90% image splash entry page to the site with either just “Enter” or a simple menu. Then the secondary page could be a general bio introduction with an image or text menu index, to third level image galleries. On these image galleries an option to choose only a small area for general text explanation of the category. For the images themselves, please include text area large enough to list the medium, size, and materials, in addition to the title and artist. Also, if screen shots are posted of websites, is it possible to include a URL link to the site? Thanks.

  80. Yo diria que impresionante

  81. Really great! Which is the delivery date?

    • Sometime next week!

      • woohoo. looking forward to how to handles portfolios

  82. In the spirit of what appears to be a trend; will you continue to include complete psd files?

    • We already include PSD files with all of our themes, so it wont be any different with Envisioned.

  83. Shock the monkey Nick and get to your portfolios sortable functions Isotope jQuery filtering (, pagination options including Infinite Scroll ( and Golden Grid (
    We would like to see some elegant themes somelike this: 🙂

  84. gostei bastante deste template
    vou usar ele em meu site

  85. Hi Nick, I love your Themes, I’m currently using the one above for a new start up site, but my slider takes forever to load? Is this a common problem? how do I fix it?

  86. Hey can i make albums in this theme?

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