Theme Sneak Peek: Glider

Posted on September 1, 2010 by in Theme Sneak Peeks | 72 comments

Theme Sneak Peek: Glider

If one theme sneak peek wasn’t enough for you to drool over this week, here’s a second one to help keep your mouth watering. Glider will feature a simple and modern design, and will sport some awesome javascript effects. The theme will offer a great solution for those looking to create a personal website complete with blog and portfolio functionality.

On a side note, those chomping at the bit to get their hands on our upcoming shortcodes collection can rest easy. Shortcode development is going great, and you can expect their release very soon!

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  1. Can hardly wait for both this one and Deep Focus!!

    Hurry! 🙂

    • Don’t worry, it wont be long!

      • Can’t wait to try this theme out. Is it much longer? Maybe this week?

        • I know what you mean David.
          I keep checking back to see if the theme has been released.

      • I hope that means soon! In two days it will have been a month. 😉

        Keep up the great work!

  2. Terrific detailing 🙂

    • Terrific detailing

  3. Awesome! Tell me this has coda slider built into it!

  4. very nice 😉

  5. looking great !! make this theme release first !! hardly waiting !! plz plz

  6. Really great Theme! I think I will use it for my new Blog.

    Greets Julian

  7. Damn, I can´t keep on tracking you – you move to fast! 😀 This looks awesome!

  8. Dutifully drooling. A LOT…. 😉

    …and good to hear the shortcodes are on their way!

  9. Personal/Portolio theme suits me perfectly. <3

  10. making it very difficult to choose, there are so many good themes for my site!

  11. LOL! Wow; This is truly the Laura Secord of candy store in WordPress themes! …. this one is yummy too!

  12. That’s just Elegant Theme! Great work!

  13. Yes, yes, yes, yes YES! THANKS! Finish this one first. 🙂 Love it!!

    In the portfolio section, it would be nice if you could not only have the image, but a link and details as well. I may use the portfolio as a product page with a paypal button.

    • It looks amazing! I do hope it has category navigation links in the blog like ebusiness does.

  14. Wow – this looks awesome, Nick – when will it be ready? Can’t wait to play with it.

    • It should be ready in about 2 weeks.

      • I can’t even wait that long, you keep making such amazing themes! Thank you so much

  15. Another one to look forward to. Do you have any plans of creating additional store styled themes like estore? Would be great to have 1 or 2 more of those to play around with.

    Well, I’m looking forward to downloading these when they are added to the site.


  16. Hi Nick and all,

    I think I have a home for this design. The functionality does sound “fun”

  17. Awesome Job!!!!
    Jorge Tichy,Argentina

  18. Hey Nick,

    Thanks a lot for your another AWESOME & BEAUTIFUL theme!

  19. Very pretty – but what I am really waiting for is deep focus 😉

  20. hahaha! good to see to you pre empting everyone shortcode questions

    I’m also really happy to see portfolios integrated as standard … Great work !

  21. nice one! cant wait to see more professional and corporate themes.

  22. Make it as a Full user-friendly for photographers. and plz we dont need categories like e-photo and its feature( we will be happy the categories in the top of the page. and plz plz maek it hurry

  23. Love it! Can’t wait!

  24. I just subscribed today. I think this is perfect for my “pet” project for the boyfriend (a dogwalking company he’s starting.

  25. just perfect but l think next should be new video or review site theme nick.

  26. Very nice I’m definitely looking forward to this one

  27. Very original design :))

  28. Just wanted to send some Kudos your way. I signed up a couple of years ago and it has changed the way I live online. I was brand new to WordPress and php and your themes have inspired me on countless occasions to learn more. Now after a few years, I have taught myself a lot of php and feel like I am a wordpress expert. Your themes are so well coded and commented out that someone who’s trade is motion picture animation, has somehow learned php and wordpress. Anyways, I know this is a long winded comment, but you deserve a HUGE pat on the back, and much more than the $19.99 I have sent your way each year.

  29. Love this one Nick
    I look through all the themes now and then to see what my choice would be… stopped when I saw this one… love the subdued colours and the detail.

    The change in colour of the & in “Where beauty & functionality combine” is a typical Carpetcleaninghaddontownship detail that lifts the design to a work of art.

    Looks as though I picked a winner when I chose Carpetcleaninghaddontownship.

    BTW – can’t wait to look at the demo site for Glider.

  30. I cant wait to try it out on my blog.

    nice greats from germany.

  31. Hi

    Your designs are beutifull. Im so glad i joined.

    This one looks perfect for on of my own projects looking forward to trying it out


  32. I appreciate your creativity.

  33. This design is very cool..

    Waiting thanks 🙂

  34. Hey Nick

    I love them!

    A request if you will. Would you consider making a ‘boxy’ theme. I love all your themes just want something boxy looking for once :). Most everything you have has some smooth roundness in one element or the other.

    I’d like to see a boxy magazine-ish theme. Similar to Gamespot/IGN goodness.

    Thanks for all your hard work.

  35. Hi Nick,

    I always love your themes but I have been noticing that they are more leaning towards portfolios/company information.

    Can you have more themes that are for the average Joe or Jane blogger?


  36. Great work!

  37. Wow Lovely Theme!

    But Please make a iPhone Template Pleeeease!

    • +1 iPhone theme!!

  38. Can’t wait thanks for the short code updates as well… BTW could you add a form plug-in to your themes? One with a map and anti-spam measures. Would save time in downloading and configuring a form plug-in. Trying to find a good one that won’t break when you upgrade your themes can be a bit much given the many that is out there. Thanks again for all the hard work.

  39. Hi Nick!

    I have never checked your website as much as I’ve done the past two days. I’m dying for both new themes. I’ve already set up two new wordpress domains for both. I don’t mean to rush but any idea when we could expect both?

    Also, I plan to create backgrounds to match, is that okay? Just wanted to check!

    Thanks! You guys consistently amaze me. By far the best out there!

    • Same thing here Nicole.
      I’m waiting for Glider.
      Anytime now……

  40. Looking forward to this a lot. Evertime I see a sneak peek or new theme I am always amazed at your level of creativity. Keep up the great work!!

  41. When it is finished?

  42. Very elegant and detailed 🙂

  43. When is the Release ???


  44. I hope it is coming before this weekend 😉
    It looks great, but some sort of sidebar or footer would make it more functional.
    Cant wait anyway.

  45. How close are we to this one Nick… I keep coming back to see if it’s been released.
    Can’t wait.

  46. Very nice and elegant! for my vector blog…

  47. Awesome Nick. Looking greatttt. Cant wait to see. All the recent ones are kick a$$

  48. Awesome Nick. Looking greatttt. Cant wait to see. All the recent ones are kick a$$. Might use this one or the deepfocus. Time for a change from Pro since i seen these. Then stay with for awhile.
    🙂 nice work

  49. Been awhile now. Where is Glider?

  50. Just stalking this theme again.. anxiously awaiting!

    • I know!, right?

  51. When will this Theme be released?

    I hope as soon as possible! 😉

    • Now it’s about over 4 weeks ago!

      Why do you make a Theme Sneak when you don’t release it in about one or two weeks?

      Please make sure that you only make a Sneak when the Theme is ready to release and the Users don’t have to wait to long.


      • I agree, I’ve been checking for the release on a daily [email protected]

      • 🙂 I guess few days left.

        • Days!
          I’m hoping hours…

  52. HI, I am looking for this theme, wanted to setup for art gallery and ecom module.

    Let me know if you have the ecom module with the pkg available, I want to sell the paintings online.


  53. HI, I am looking for this theme, wanted to setup for art gallery and ecom module.

    Let me know if you have the ecom module with the pkg available, I want to sell the paintings online.


  54. Its very beautiful. Your themes are amazing and the best on web

  55. jj

  56. Very nice! perfect!

  57. Cool theme!

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