Theme Sneak Peek: Magnificent

Posted on October 11, 2010 by in Theme Sneak Peeks | 86 comments

Theme Sneak Peek: Magnificent

It will come as no surprise that, behind the scenes, we are hard at work on some great new themes. It is often that I receive requests for multi-column news designs, and my goal for this next theme is to satisfy the needs of those users. Magnificent will feature a content-rich, 3-column homepage and a subtle yet meticulously detailed design. I am excited to hear your impressions, so don’t forget to leave a comment letting us know what you think!

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  1. Looks awesome! Can’t wait to see it.

  2. What a magnificent theme, Nick. I will have more choice for my new site now. When will this one be released?

  3. Ooh! I like it. Normally I find a three column layout over powering but this has a nice tailored look!

  4. Oh my God, this is so brilliant theme! Please, tell me WHEN! 😉

    • It should be ready in 2-3 weeks.

      • Nick, you could complete this theme much faster if you would cut back to only (4) hours of sleep a day!

      • Nick, Yes 3 columns, reading my mind! I definitely want to use. More power to you.

  5. I think it’s…well, magnificent (sorry)! I love the header/footer dividers (colors with dotted lines) as well as the textures you’ve chosen. I also love the layout.

    Really, really well done!

  6. At this rate I’m going to have to buy another domain! 8p

    • 🙂

  7. new design 🙂

  8. Looks great! Already have a project this would be perfect for.

  9. I like that one. Really elegant. As usual. <3

  10. FirstClass !

  11. Looks good. Great clean feel for displaying lots of content.

  12. Simple, elegant, yet you found place for a slider, thumbnails, etc… You’ve outdone yourself this time.

  13. Nice, any indication as to what the other color options will look like? I really love this layout with the three columns with content in the middle.

    • The colorschemes have not been developed yet, so I can’t say for sure.

  14. Another top class work! It’s hard to find wp themes better than ET produce.

  15. Wow! It looks beautiful, can’t wait to give it a spin. Keep up the GREAT design and development work!

  16. Looks good. My big hope is that some “normal” areas of the homepage might be widgetized to allow a bigger variety of potential feeds into the page.

  17. Can’t wait for this theme to be released! It’s very much like the ideal theme I had in mind.

  18. Oh my gosh! This is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for. ETA? I hope very soon! This is AMAZING!


  19. The themes looks nice but how about the style theme?

    • Yeah…. even I am looking for a good theme that fares well against the likes of some very good themes at the themeforest.

      I know themeforest sucks and ET is quite good, but lately, the themes have been monotonous (considering only the blogging style of the themes, please!).

      Really really waiting to hear about a theme that’s totally dedicated to BLOGs.

      Are you hearing Nick?

      • I agree. I’d love to see a theme setup for Magazines/Gaming sites (think reviews). Something with featured articles that don’t take up 1/3rd of the page, ideally, compact-ish, with good use of space.

    • TheStyle should be ready in a couple days.

  20. You have struck gold again!

  21. Great looking theme. Can’t wait to see the final version.

  22. It looks magnificent!

  23. Uhhhh… 3 or 4 column? 🙂 Great theme again! What would make it really special is the flexibility to either have the middle columns being merged as in the green title image or have them separate (as the post intro’s).

  24. Very impresive!

  25. Hey can you do one where the top nav bar is monotone instead of color to make it look more pro?

  26. Hello,

    Looks nice and I agree with Jacques above. It would be cool if the middle two columns could be a single column of say select post categories. It would also be cool if the logo could be left or right aligned and a space placed in header for a large banner ad since news/editorial themes usually include lots of ads.

    Just my two cents. I am looking for a theme like this so I hope it is not a long wait!

    good luck

  27. I don’t usually go for 3 columns, however the classiness of this one really makes me want it. I am already visualizing what websites to put it on…

  28. I hope to see a pretty good theme for Blogs, which hasn’t been there on elegant themes since the days of thesource theme.

    Frankly, thesource was never paid full attention and was very imperfect. I mean, the problems I had with thesource were subsequently fully removed from the other themes like theprofessional or minimal (talking only about the blog style), but thesource was never tweaked properly.

    So, I would say I had great hopes about a blog dedicated theme but so far I’m disappointed. Even Magnificient doesn’t look any magnifiecent to me but I do hope I’m wrong.

    I would like to hear from Nick, about themes perfected for blogs.

    That’s it!

    • I second to this
      this magnificent theme is simply making a classic layout look elegant.
      I was looking for a blog theme but with new kind of layout
      got tired with the classic layout

  29. WOW Guys! Incredble news magazine style, I’m loving it! Your creativity just improves with each release. I wish I’d have multiple sites, cos each release is so exciting it inspires me.

  30. Opps, forgot my question … (1) will the homepage slider rotate automatically, cos that would be bonus. (2) i noticed you have random popular widget that will takes images, do u plan to incorporate the recent widget with images to, that would be really beneficial. happy to see u have the option for 4 widgets in footer.

    Keep up the fantastic work guys! Loving the design concepts 🙂


  31. Are those sidebar dynamically generated ?? or are they widgets where we can have optin forms or may be updates ??

    Same question with the 3 bottom footer columns..



    • The sidebars will be widgetized.

  32. Impressive; this is a news source theme that works and inspires.

    Now here are a few elegant suggestions:

    1. Release a black-and-white version along with your the other color schemes. It provides an extra layer of professionalism, and besides, it’s already in shades of gray. Perfect!

    2. Create the threaded comments style we all crave: neat and tidy, with each comment having its own place, not being simply indented. Combine the

    – comment threading style of
    – the box style of — and the comment-form style of

    and people will gasp. I will gasp. 🙂 Lovely comment threading is just what this organized theme needs.

    3. Leave the single navbar, but allow admins to add both page links and category links onto the one bar (ex. page links would go first, such as Home | About | Contact and category links would follow after).

    Please just let me know that at least you’re reading what I’m writing, even if you decide not to implement these concepts.

    • Yeah. Great suggestions. I would love to see it in black/white or black/red/white colours. It would make it a really professional magazine theme.

  33. Nick.
    Wow! This theme looks great and can’t wait for it to be released.
    Any date as to when it will be available ?

  34. An option to make this 2 col, instead of 3, would be amazing. If not, hopefully it is something that can be done fairly easy with template tweaks.

  35. Ah, no Canvas competitor yet? 🙁

  36. its’ great! Thanks nick!

  37. This is lovely! Can’t wait to use it!

  38. It is very nice. Would you consider make it a 2/3 columns optional? I mean, allow users to choose from 2 columns and 3 columns.

  39. Another Great one

  40. Magnificent. ‘Nuff said. 😉

    Have been wanting to redo one of my sites and have been waiting for the right theme. This looks to be the one!

    Great Job, once again, Nick!

  41. Clean white space — love it! Nice to see a more Blog oriented theme as I am getting asked for that more often by clients. The double-nav bar and full header are also “must haves”.

    Another find job by the folks at StudioPress — thanks!

  42. Beautiful! Love the layout. I love the uniqueness of each theme.

  43. Hey Nick,

    As you know, I am a fan. Again, a really nice look and feel. Can’t to see what it does when it goes live.

  44. So long to wait….????

    I agree with what’s been said above. An option for 2 columns with the sidebar on either side would be nice.

  45. Love it Nick.

    Perhaps not a theme that I will use – I tend to go with the page based themes – but I think that this one will be very popular.

  46. Please allow for a well placed 300×250 adspot at the top of the single.php

  47. Wonderful theme. I was looking for something like this for months. Very well, it will be with light background.

  48. This looks terrific Nick! I am particularly impressed with the corporate styled 3 dimensional aspects of 13floor – could you please produce another like this as it gives such a professional look for a small company wanting to appear cutting edge. Thanks for your hard work input: you are raising blogs to a brand new level of stylish professionalism! 🙂

  49. Quite different from the previous ones but still very good. Like it!

  50. Any way to build in a few banner/advertisement spots? Preferably the top next to the logo…

  51. Look awesome but I think really complex 🙂

  52. I was wondering if you could start including full width page templates with your themes. These would come in really handy.

  53. Fantastic work…is going to be perfect for a Radio Station….Thanks

  54. Nice work! but i dont like big title font :S

  55. I will purchase a membership when you release this beautiful theme! It looks fantastic! And I love the ordered sections(no unused white-space). I can hardly wait..

  56. Nick, all your designs are truly works of art — crafted with much love and skill. This one looks like another awesome addition to your themes.


  57. It’s very beautiful,i’d like it

  58. Nice template,thanks

  59. Hello Nick,

    Are the sidebars on this theme optional? The same as with “TheStyle” Theme?

    • I believe they will be. I know Nick made an announcement about page template options and he stated that all themes will have full page option available.

      • So this will also be the case for the home page, where one or both of the sidebars may be deactivated?

  60. Wow, the theme looks amazing!

  61. Looks excellent. I may have a new theme for my site. Can’t wait.

  62. Any updates on this amazing theme’s arrival?

  63. WAITING for this release…. 🙂

    Any day now, right ?

  64. Love this website!!! wonderful color combinations in all the themes.

  65. Wow! Can’t wait for this release! Just wondering if video will be included in the slider function of this theme? Would look great yes?!

  66. Very excited for this release!

  67. Can’t wait for this release! I’ll be joining as soon as it’s available… gorgeous looking theme perfect for a blog I have underway.

  68. Good Morning! Status Check.. Can’t wait!

  69. I’m excited! When is the release date for this theme?

  70. I know there is a lot of work with all the themes adjusting templates, etc

    But What is about magnificent ? Any News ?

    This is the theme we choose for a big new Site.

  71. nice theme with neat look

  72. This theme is really magnificent

  73. Nice theme !

    What about slider with full width ?

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