Theme Sneak Peek: Modest

Posted on January 31, 2011 by in Theme Sneak Peeks | 121 comments

Theme Sneak Peek: Modest

For those interested in what new themes we currently have in production, here is a glance at our upcoming theme “Modest.” My goal with this template was to strip down all extraneous graphics and detail in search of a truly simple, humble design. I am quite happy with the results, and am confident that this simple style will prove useful for many of ours users. What do you think? I am interested to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Another awesome example of your great talent, Nick! Great great job.

  2. It looks very nice! I like the white spaces.

  3. Well done, Nick! Can I use it for my personal blog or “Memoir” should be my choice?


    • Like all themes, Modest will come with a BlogStyle mode. However, I think Memoir will be better suited for a personal blog. In the end it’s really up to you though!

  4. I just want to say awesome!!

    Im getting married this year, and i did (still in progress) a personal web page with theme Nova, but i think i’m defiantly switching to this one!

    It looks simpler and elegant, exactly something what i need!!

    You rock, dude!!

    • Glad to hear it and congrats!

      • Hi Nick

        This is a first for me on Elegant themes, I love the variety of themes available. I am looking at purchasing a theme for my Graphic Design company and would like to know if i am able to add descriptions to the artwork in the gallery section.
        Im looking at


  5. looks very interesting to me / as usual 🙂 looking forward to check out the final result. Keep it up. Great work so far.

  6. Excellent job Nick and the team! Keep it coming!!

  7. Elegant, as always )

  8. Great. This is going to be good basis for modification 😉

    • Yea, the simplicity should lend itself to easy modification for sure.

      • Hi Nick!

        I can’t wait until this template gets released! when will it be available? Also, what kind of font is that!? please let me know!



  9. looks great! will there be a white on black version? i think this would make a great iphone app page…with 3 different screenshots at the top….i just think it would look best with a black background.

    • I’ll keep it in mind, thanks for the suggestion.

  10. Love it…This looks like just what I was looking for!

  11. I love the simplicity of the theme. The content is the primary focus rather than the design elements. Well done!

  12. I love it! Any idea yet on Release date?

    • Anywhere from 2-3 weeks. Memoir and InStyle will be released first.

  13. Looks amazing! I can’t wait to try it out. 🙂

  14. Great looking theme, Nick! Can’t wait, I’m sure this one will find a place in one of my projects!

  15. The “Modest” type makes this look so very sweet, love it!

  16. Great ! Less is more !

  17. “Modest”, but great for humans projects !

  18. Looks amazing!

    • Thanks AJ 🙂

  19. LOVE IT!!!!!

  20. Very nice indeed.
    Will the portfolio page/feature allow for text alongside each portfolio item to add description?

    Also would like to see option to choose for either left or right hand column within ePanel?

    • We will consider adding such a Portfolio page template to all themes in the future. Thanks for the suggestion.

      • Thank you for listening 🙂

        Hope you’ll still consider option to choose either left or right hand column for page layouts.

  21. Looks great. I like the way it catches your attention where less is more. Now I have to wait…

  22. I love it! Nice and Elegant design and it looks well sited for image presentations as well… portfolio style yes?

    Kudos Nick and everyone involved!

  23. It is really looking excellent. “Modest” is simple, but POWERFUL.

    Keep up the good work!

  24. Looks great! I like the social media icons on the top right hand corner. Will it come in other colors?

  25. Looking good! I like it. Like Jaime, I’m also interested to see what other colours it’ll come in.

  26. Looks like you’re giving the members what they want, a new style. Good job nick. I like this theme a lot.

    • Thanks, I try!

  27. Estupendo tema…. Buen trabajo Nick.

  28. WOW…WOW…WOW…great stuff guys

  29. I think this one will be my new personal blog theme! I do have a theme that would be AMAZING for a world-wide network of people that I am connected to and would love to talk with you about it. Can you me please! Thanks Nick!

  30. This looks awesome… I hate waiting for anything though – hope its out soon 🙂

  31. Very nice, simple, and clean. Less is more!

  32. I love the design and wait to see the rest of it;)

  33. Looks awesome. Great work Nick.

  34. nice for a landingpage! great job

  35. So Tiny. Like wedding web site 🙂

    So nice work 🙂

    I love you

  36. I’d like a searchbox on the startpage (topright). A small magnifyglass that opens a jquery-slidein textbox would be clean and cool.

    • I’ll keep this in mind. Thanks for the suggestion.

  37. Greats jobs….

  38. Brilliant!! The only thing left is choices of colours. Black, white and blue is a must!

  39. An awesome theme. From the pics, theme, seems 100% simple, strait to the point.

    Seems better than Nova to me.

    Loved the design and wait to see the final output of Modest.

  40. nice themes…. i like it

  41. I don’t know if you listened or if you’re just psychic and have amazing timing but I love this. This is exactly what I wanted to see.

  42. Looks great!
    Any plans for a theme with room for an opt-in boxt in the header?

  43. Very excited! Can’t wait for the release! 🙂 another awesome template Nick!

  44. Lovely design Nick. It does seem familiar and that means it´s just very elegant.

    We will find out if it is humble and loads within five seconds. That is the aim, isn´t it? It might be difficult with the slider and won´t look the same without it. Let´s just see and find out.

    Excellent work.

  45. I would love to use it that’s IF I managed to use the current ones 🙁

    ElegantThemes • View topic – Image NOT displaying

  46. Simple and beautiful indeed. The header, slider, fonts all together form a nice self design in itself without any need for graphics.

    I hope there is also a footer with the ability to use widgets on it.

    Wonderful theme.

  47. I would love to see a preview of a new theme, completly or more different then all released yet, The latest 10 themes, are kinda looking same. The basics are the same…

    • Thanks for the suggestion, though I must admit that I consider this theme’s style to be quite different than anything else we have released.

  48. Hi Nick … Great and clean theme … Would it be possible to make the photo galley a widget area so we can have the option to put latest blogs, news, a basic text etc… Or maybe the entire lower area.

    I’ve been looking for a base theme that can esily be modified and i think this is a promising candidate.

    Good job!

  49. Ho Yeah – This is ” Elegance ” !!

    Fine design 🙂

    Congrats !

  50. Hello Nick,

    How about a few Buddypress Themes and Frameworks?

    Would love to see your Design for Social Network type Themes using Buddypress.


  51. sweeeeeeeeeeeettttt……….

  52. this is nice and clean, well done guys nice theme, cant wait to see demo

  53. Nice, clean and crisp… many uses for this theme.

    • Agreed on that one Karl.

  54. is it possible that the thumbnail would use wp’s auto thumbnail feature instead of using the custom field?

    • All of our themes already work with the WP’s “Featured Image” method of uploading thumbnails.

  55. Hello Nick,
    Modest: nice design, a lot of ideas, but some problems for new users (like I am). Why: is it too difficult to recognize what is what…specially if you wish to make your own website with your base. Is it possible to give some different names for your stuff? For example: if something is on page 1: put A 100, something different on page 1: A101, some picture on page 1: AP102…. Than, if somebody wants to change (via FTP for example) something, it is very simple to recognize: aha, I want to change this particular text on page 1: name should be A (page 1) 110T (full name should be: A110T. It is clear, no mistake if you see your website after FTP translation. Please, can you make something like this with your MODEST template? Thanks a lot. Regards.

  56. I really love all your themes and amazing admin panel. I was thinking and was wondering about 2 things:
    – if you are planning to make some unique inside page design later on?
    – some Facebook Page integration.

    thank you and keep up with the good work!

  57. Looks good. 🙂

  58. Hello,

    so I find this her Themes becoming more and more dull. No surprises more. How it would be sometimes with a reasonable News-Theme or Sporttheme or Fotografen-Theme or Healththeme or or or

    They should try to change sometimes her style, one recognises her Themes always at first sight, this speaks not exactly for them.

    They should pay attention maybe more to quality and not only to quantity.

    I apologise immediately beforehand for the bad one in English.

  59. Hello Nick:

    I´m sorry to ask you something using this form, but I ould not find a form in your main website. 2 things: 1)the audio of your video is too low
    2)I want to build my website again. As a reference, I want my website look like . Is it possible to have that, by using and customizing one of your themes? What is the best of your themes that can match my need? thanks for your answer.

  60. Love it Nick
    This could be my next theme.

    You can’t please all of the people all of the time, but I love your themes.

  61. Great looking theme, keep up the good work!

  62. It looks amazing. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  63. This looks great Nick, well done!

  64. Nice theme again, but please finish InStyle…?

    • Don’y worry, you wont have to wait too much longer 🙂

      • Yes i do, haha.

        Do you already know when it comes online?


  65. Very nice! Would love to see it on black or dark grey. Also I agree with what someone else posted – a search field on the top right would be wonderful.

    Keep up the great work!

  66. Looks even better the yoy Nova theme, which is a great theme also.
    This new one fits even better in my business, Thanks!

    How long before it will become available do you think?

  67. Again another very nice theme. Good work Nicholas keep them coming.
    Simplicity rules.

  68. I’d like to see alternative cms designs, not the classic, about us – blog structure, perhaps something unique corporate oriented, i love the “ask it” template, and im looking forward for more templates that explore some other concepts such as groupon themes, yahoo answers, video sharing themes, and similar

  69. Easily the best money I’ve ever spent in my business. So many great themes, so rich in detail and so many great features. I “used” to consider myself a designer in the 80’s and 90’s, but in the last few years I’ve come to know some real designers, like the guy that designs the Carpetcleaninghaddontownship. Amazing work, simply amazing.

    One of the things that you offer that doesn’t get enough promotion, in my opinion, are your page templates. These alone are worth the price you charge for a years membership. And you control panels are terrific as well. And the Photoshop PSD files? Please, they are a Godsend!

    If I had one suggestion it would be to have a link where we could download ALL the themes at once. Other than that, I’m a member for life.

  70. Very cool! Just curious if video can be used in the slider?

  71. Another beautiful theme from you. Simple, refined, and yes, elegant!

    When do you think it might be available? 🙂

    Also, I too, like Mikey above, would love a simple control panel method to embed youtube or vimeo vids into my sliders on a variety of themes, that would be amazing.



  72. Nick, I love the MODEST style and whimsical touch. Looking for a theme that is modern, feminine and image driven. I think MODEST might be it. When will it be available??? Hoping to start working in the next week or so?

    Great sense of style you have!

  73. Very nice! I love minimalist themes and I’m sure this one will be awesome.

  74. when is this theme being released? 🙂

  75. Love it! Would love to use this design for my small business…. when is it to be ready?

  76. Great looking theme Nick, keep them coming 🙂

  77. Wow! Magnificient and clean theme..

  78. I like the clean feel of it! Question: I’m wondering which themes have a gallery option? And not just laid out in squares, but like a slideshow. Or kinda like the preview above, where some thumbnails are off to the side, but a bigger picture is shown. I’m a photographer, and I was wondering if any of the themes would be good for an about page, pricing page, gallery page, etc. I really love the home page of “simplepress” as well. Great job on the themes, I look forward to hearing from you!

  79. Wow, this is wonderful, Nick! It is exactly what I need. Is there an ETA?


    PS Keep on being fabulous!

  80. Hi Nick!

    Will this theme allow you to have just one big static image in place of a carousel?

    Will there be a Bio Widget in which you can have a small bio picture in it for the bottom?

    Will you be able to turn off the quotes above the image?

    Love the theme a lot. I look forward to seeing it in action!

  81. Hi Nick, when will this theme be ready?

  82. In a word: frigging awesome! Well that’s one non-word and one real word, but you get the idea. I love it Nick!

  83. Absolutely great looking theme! When will it be ready?

  84. This would be nice with the lights colour scheme of Nova too

  85. Hi Nick,

    I think all of your themes are gorgeous, especially the one previewed here. I will definitely be purchasing a subscription to your themes shortly.

    Being a novice when it comes to customizing wordpress themes however, would you recommend any helpful resources to guide me along? I understand how I can customize things via the epanel options feature you offer, but I’m more interested in a basic primer about how I’ll be able to customize themes via CSS and layered photoshop files you provide. Again, a basic resource here is what I’m looking for as I have no experience with either CSS or layered photoshop files.

    Any insight would be appreciated and I’m looking forward to using your themes!

  86. Hi Nick, beautiful! I plan to use Modest, but all of your templates are gorgeous! What font is used on the line that says, “Modest theme is …”? I’m

  87. This looks to be exactly what I’m after. Can’t wait for it to come out 🙂

  88. Excellent! Can’t wait for this

  89. would like to see this theme with the “lights” background…asin Nova Theme

  90. Nick, I think this will be great as another photography blog. I love and use Deep Focus but this is probably more what I’m after… helps focus all the attention on the photos 🙂

  91. I LOVE this. I think this will be the theme that convinces me to sign up for ET!

    Can’t wait until it’s live!

  92. When is this one going live Nick? Also how can I you in regards to a theme idea that I can help you sell hundreds of subscriptions to a group of people I am connected to?

  93. Hi Nick,

    When can I expect this theme to be live? I really want to use it asap.



  94. I’m really looking forward to seeing this theme too! Am thinking this will be the way to go for my new website.

  95. Hi Nick et al.,

    When might this theme be released? It was previewed over a month ago and I’m anxious to get started!


    • me too

  96. @Jonathan,

    I saw on the new preview for Webly that Nick mentioned that Modest should be released in about 2 weeks.

    I’m looking forward to checking it out too.

  97. Hey Nick

    Is the theme ready yet. I keep on checking back but cannot see any evidence on the site that it is ready yet.

  98. One of my favorite themes for sure, it would be nice to see more similar ones!

  99. Hi There Nick

    Are these compatible with the latest versions of WordPress.



    • Yes all of our themes are compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

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