Theme Sneak Peek: Notebook

Posted on November 23, 2011 by in Theme Sneak Peeks | 105 comments

Theme Sneak Peek: Notebook

Here is a look at our upcoming theme, Notebook. This multimedia theme will offer a fun and stylish way to showcase your articles, photos, music and videos. The theme will also take advantage of custom post types, making the posting of your media quick and easy.



  1. just looks so good and cant wait to see next amazing elegant themes here now every week.

    • wow, great theme.. I think that completes all the niche themes ET has.

      • @ Matt

        Right. Why cant just everything be so smooth? The Theme Notebook is just a brilliant fit for any Tech Blog.

        • Yeah and I would recommend them for my clients

  2. Smooth & “elegant” as always.

  3. Hey Nick – this looks lovely. Can’t wait to see the preview.

    • Stay tuned πŸ™‚

      • Need more shops themmes for wordpress Thanks pepe

  4. wow great πŸ™‚

  5. Thinking outside the box Bubba. Cool

  6. Here’s hoping this one has a Tumblr counterpart as well!

    • Tumblr and Posterous counterpart will be sweet surprise.

  7. Looks very nice, I just wish you focused less on heavy-image themes and more on text-based ones such as , and

    • I agree; I’m weary of seeing nothing but huge sliders right on the home page on just about any template nowadays. Lots of my web clients have businesses with sites that don’t require lots of huge images splashing across the screen.

    • I also agree. All the themes are just too similar. The Professional theme is a good corporate theme, but the only one in the pack. There should be other corporate themes.

    • I would think that simple themes like you mention should be quite easy to get from most of ET if you only able the Blog Style post format in the ePanel?

    • I think people who say anything but positive feedback in here should either 1.) become a theme developer themselves or 2.) go elsewhere to buy themes for such a killer deal. The value that Nick offers on here is ridiculous, not to mention for great quality themes. He’s the artist here and you’re spitting on the floor in his gallery.

      • Sorry Kyler I totally disagree. People need to express their opinions about theme design in order to keep the quality improving. Just because they don’t like one particular feature-set it does not mean they are anti Carpetcleaninghaddontownship.

        Just look at the difference between the first Elegant themes and the ones that are being released now. It’s not an accident, it’s a result of listening to your subscribers in conjunction with the clearly increased knowledge and design expertise of the development team.

        Nothing but positive feedback would stifle the design process. Bottom line, constructive criticism is good.

        • Couldn’t agree more with you Nige B!

          Kyler, I think you’re being a little dramatic, Nicks a big boy – He can handle criticism.

          -Turd Ferguson

      • Kyler:

        I have to agree with Nige B here.

        Critical feedback is incredibly valuable for anyone who is creative. Be it a coder, a painter, a photographer… you get the idea.

        There is a saying in writing. “If I wanted to know how good I was – I’d go ask my mother.”

        Nick is incredibly creative. His work is hands down great quality and great value. If soemone says different, well, I’m going to chalk it up to petty jelousy. (You should too.)

    • Seeing as Nick is a graphic designer, would you expect the themes to look like the Kubrick theme that used to ship with WordPress? πŸ˜€

      There’s ways around it, and there’s always available if the graphics are too much on your bandwidth.

      Think outside the box, man!

      On a side note the sites you provided don’t have too much on them. Varying use of typography or cufon would be cool though πŸ™‚

  8. Will it be available as a Tumblr theme, too?

  9. Every time I think you’ve released the best theme ever, you go ahead and announce an even better one!

    • Thanks, we try!

  10. Haha sweet!

    ET should make a Glittery/NightLife Neon theme thow eventually =P

  11. Very clean. I like it!

  12. Looks Nice.

    I like the idea of a left side bar.

    May be a good idea to start incorporating this as a page template from now.

    Just a thought. Can’t wait to check it out.

    -Turd Ferguson

  13. Great work, absolutely “elegant” ! Appreciate your work.

  14. Little bit off topic but when you gonna develop an automatic theme update option?

    • Yes this will be a great and essential feature to have.

  15. Damn that looks absolutely delicious.

  16. Great, but Tumblr integration would be truly AMAZING.

  17. you are ALWAYS the best ahahah <3

  18. Nice – another great theme

  19. Fresh concept…like this and can’t wait to try

  20. It looks CLEAN notebook. Waiting for the release!

    All the best for completion πŸ™‚

  21. Looks very stunning one. will you add responsive touch in this theme ?

  22. stylish and unique.

  23. Great touch, something different then other, but color combination and background patterns are very same us previous themes,

  24. Awesome! Love the varieties you provide, Nick. Thanks a lot!

    Now still waiting for hotel themes… πŸ˜‰

  25. Very nice theme.
    Great job!

  26. Can’t wait to see the final product. Another winner.

  27. Fresh look wordpress theme, its useful for update every one own blog to showcase articles, photos, music and videos…

  28. As always, looks clean and beautiful!

    Thanks for your great work!

  29. Looks really different to your other themes cool!!!!!

    • Thanks!

  30. now this is elegant, can’t wait for it

  31. i like that theme! πŸ™‚

  32. Gaaf !! (Dutch for wow)

  33. Love the vertical header/menu. I was looking for theme that had that recently and ended up with one that, whilst ok, is no Elegant Theme! Hopefully I’ll be able to switch over to this one, though for that to happen it will have to have the capability to show blogs full page on the homepage, instead of the thumbnails as shown above….. here’s hoping!!

    (NB: I also agree with the previous posters about some more text-based themes and less reliance on images!)

  34. Will the video thumbnails be playable as video? i.e. click on the thumbnail and the video runs from there?

  35. I am sure i can find many cases for this one :). Thanks Nick. It looks great. Just add the CSS control panel back in the themes please. Saves much time.

    • We try and add it to any theme that it makes sense for. Certain themes do not lend themselves to having their background change, as it can easily obstruct design elements and font readability.

  36. Hi Nick, I know you’re always busy. I tried many times to get the same question, but unfortunately you did not ever answered. I beg you to please me this time. My question is: are you planning to insert the megamenΓΉ as a feature in your future projects? Thanks Anx

    • We don’t have any such plans at the moment, but thanks for the suggestion.

  37. Hi Nick…
    I’m currently not a member of your themes program as of yet but am extremely interested in joining. I also sent a couple of questions a couple of times and got no reply.

    When looking through the themes I noticed that your themes rely on Timthumb. My question was have you addressed the vulnerability within Timthumb? I do not see it mentioned anywhere on your site about the situation.

    Hope to become a member, yet fearful of this vulnerability.


  38. OK, so it’s a multimedia theme.
    Let’s hope there’s finally a gallery page that just displays (and enlarges) the photos – and not pull them from a page.

  39. Good one…Elegantthemes is now back in action….Wow!

  40. This looks perfect for my shop, about time for a new design….

  41. Nice! I was going to ask you to develop a new video gallery theme (eVid is a bit outdated?), but I think this theme could also serve that purpose. I am hoping you will develop sometime soon the Facebook theme you mention in your survey some time back. Somekind of a social activist theme that would make use of similiar features the FB wall has.

    • Thanks for the suggestion. A FB fanpage theme is still something we are considering.

  42. i am waiting friend. come to me quickly and as soon as possible.

    • We are working hard. Hopefully you wont have to wait too long!

  43. A perfect early Christmas gift!
    Thanks ET πŸ™‚

    • πŸ™‚

  44. Nick!! one thing, I really Like evolution themes which I have uploaded on our website , very simple and delighted. this theme is also nice, But I am satisfied with those themes. However in future I will look forward to having a theme which related to news, entertainment and off course a one more theme for Tour and travel purpose,
    Please do this favor!!!

    • Thanks for the suggestion.

  45. Totally awesome! I’ll be renewing my subscription sooner than I planned!

    • That’s great to hear πŸ™‚

  46. its just awesome cant wait to see it online

  47. Looking really good

  48. already phone browser support ?
    i mean… like evolution wordpress themes ?

  49. Yeah, it looks good. This looks a little more original from some previous designs.

    Looking forward to it

  50. Its beautiful theme waiting for it.
    One more thing now next theme should be normal blog style.

  51. Quite an attractive one and different from other ET themes! Keeping fingers crossed that this would carry the ‘responsive’ bit forward πŸ˜‰

  52. Nick likes being the center of attention, sits there creating new themes. Pfft, what a show off!

    Haha but love them though, my creative juices are satisfied today. Is it weird to say that Nick satisfies my creative needs? Lol and there are many. I’ve browsed every template, es and minuses etc; I can’t decide on ONE template! Are there specials on 5 templates or more? 20% off or something, mind you they’re cost effective already!

    Keep it up Nick!

    Aaron from New Zealand πŸ™‚

  53. How will this theme work on mobile devices?

  54. Nice job..

    after that make a new theme for gaming news website πŸ™‚

  55. Congratz for this new theme, it looks awesome!!

    I’ve got two question:

    1- will this theme be built upon the ‘responsive design’ introduced with Evolution?

    2- will it work like ‘LightBright’ (with custom posts)?


  56. Hello we need more themmes for shops online and for another good and exelente design than the others. Waiting for you.
    Very proftional work in all themmes.


  57. Wow, looks great. Exactly the kind of theme I’d use πŸ˜€

    Can’t wait for the final release!

  58. the notebook is a truly remarkable theme

  59. This one looks like a cracker, and quite unique too! Is it flexible enough to change font type, font colour. backgrounds etc.? (I love this feature on Chameloen for example, and it allows the conenience of having just one theme for lots of sites that still have their own identity). And I would echo the crossed-fingeredness of several comments above about the need for responsive themes. I hope this is part of your plans. Also please can I put in a request for a really crisp social-media friendly sort of theme; something that’s geared towards attractively and boldly linking in with , and Google+. Looks like that’s the way SEO is heading…!

  60. This is the 2nd year of my subscription. I’m happy with your themes as they need the minimum programming job. I loved the design when I first saw them.

    However, I have 2 things to mention.

    1.In the past, we were seeing a variety of effects to the top menu, extraordinary themes that we have never seen before. Lately, themes are quite minimal. I used ephoto for a client and he lost his mind of the beauty. It’s a long time since we last got a theme cared to the very last detail as ephoto.
    People love to see wow buttons, things sliding etc.

    2. I used to be very happy with forum replies. Lately I cross my fingers to get an answer or if I get one to be the right one.

    That’s all from me. Don’t consider them as complaints.

    This theme is not useful for me but there are others which do the trick. πŸ˜‰

  61. Multimedia WordPress Themes don’t seem to be as popular with our visitors, however the variety of the Carpetcleaninghaddontownship club most definitely is!

    Either way, we’re looking forward to seeing another great product from ET in the Notebook WP Theme.


  62. I just discovered Responsive Themes tonight and I am in love! Can you create a theme that uses the “Portfolio” categories? For example:

    All I want for Christmas is an awesome Responsive Portfolio Theme that will kick ass! Do you have it in you, Nick? Will you be Santa this year?

  63. I check ET every morning when I wake up, waiting to see when this theme will be launched!

  64. This is so cool looking! I can’t wait to try it out also…

  65. How much longer on this? I love it!

  66. Hey Nick, This one looks like fun. Nice job.

  67. uhh, still waiting

  68. I love this template, and going to hold off rolling out my personal blog iuntil it comes out. I just wish/it NEEDS to come with a traditional blog format. The squares are a bit much for some people.

  69. when is the release date btw?

  70. GIEF notebook theme :p

  71. Great work. I love this theme..

  72. thats cool theme.
    used colors are nice.

  73. it is beautiful!

  74. I have been a member of Carpetcleaninghaddontownship for a year or so and I really love them. All their theme releases have been fantastic and they have made it much easier for me to make my websites look amazing. And since I am such a fan of this website I thought it was about time I wrote an Carpetcleaninghaddontownship Rating.

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