Theme Sneak Peek: Trim

Posted on April 18, 2012 by in Theme Sneak Peeks | 118 comments

Theme Sneak Peek: Trim

Today I am pleased to give everyone a peek at our upcoming theme Trim. Many of our members have told me that while our designs are beautiful, they are often too stylish and graphic-intensive for their company. For this reason, I try to tone things down every once in a while and create something a bit simpler. With Trim, I put my style on a diet and tried to create something extremely clean and versatile. Let us know what you think of the preview!


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  1. Looks minimal and clean… Would be nice for business sites.

    • Yes. I am really digging the look of this theme. Awesome stuff!

    • I like this one a lot, when are it expected to be averrable?

      • Awesome themes.

      • I think this blog is really such an interesting one.The themes those are posted here have a great appealing.I think people are also benefited after visiting this blog.

    • Or a church website!

  2. Hello,

    I don’t see this theme in your website themes option?

    • What part of preview dont you understand?

      • Dude, you’re rude.

    • This is just a preview. Theme will be launched soon 🙂

    • Read through the blog postings and you will see that Elegent themes usually gives some news on what an upcoming theme will be.

  3. Though all the themes share many common elements. I look forward to the release of this one. Good job guys!

  4. Looks awesome as always!

  5. Looks very good!
    I hold my thumbs so it will be responsive to 🙂 (iphone/ipad)

    • It will be responsive 🙂

      • Awesome!

        I think more and more people want web designs that are more “frame” and less “picture.” And white-on-white + responsive is definitely in high demand. Thank you, thank you, thank you — and for making Chameleon responsive!

  6. Clean and elegant, perfect!

  7. Looks indeed very clean, quite minimalist, yet… elegant. Great! I am Looking forward to the availability of Trim.

  8. Looks stunning !! Can’t wait to get my paws on it 🙂

  9. Looks good as always! Keep it up.

  10. I really do like the look of this theme and have some ideas for it but I just hope that the colors are as flexible as Chameleon and Feather.

  11. Looks great! I’m assuming that the “tabs” below the image area will rotate automatically..? I like that option on other templates. I will definitely give this one a go, as my website needs a facelift. When is the expected release date? Great work, by the way…

    • The slider should come with an auto-rotation feature, as do most of our themes.

  12. Very clean! Love it!

  13. Clean and perfect, thanks 🙂

  14. Hopefully it will be Responsive.

    • Yes, it will be responsive.

  15. Super clean. I like it! Thanks for all of your great work.

  16. Pretty nice, indeed it’s good to have some less graphics-intense themes – seems to fit better on certain projects.

  17. Pretty sure that it will be the top theme of the year !

  18. this theme is lightweight?

  19. Nice job as always.

    Would be great if the home page sections can be swapped easily. I mean, please make it easier to move the sections up and down, in a drag and drop fashion maybe?

    Good idea the logo left aligned alone on top, makes it easier to work with some client logos 🙂

    Look forward to see the final version.

    • I’m with Daniel on this one. I find myself more and more wanting the flexibility of a framework, as you did for the landing page.

      Really like the look! But then I would – it’s the ‘Apple aesthetic’, isn’t it? Thanks for the hard work, Nick!

  20. Looks great so far. How long before launch? I have a need for a new theme…

  21. I am stoked at how far you have come with your designs! Can’t wait for this one to hit 🙂

    Any release time-frame in mind??

  22. I suppose it is needed. I was hoping for something with a slider that was more unique rather than just like the others.

  23. This seems to be a great theme. Looking forward to have it. Kudos for minimalistic approach.

  24. nice work, for sure i will renew my suscription!

  25. Nice! WOuld like to see some banner area that is less deep as it takes a lot of scrolling to get to the middle area. Thanks!

  26. I really like it. It might be just what I need so I don’t have to go redesign my site with Genesis or Thesis. Where is the FOLD?

  27. Looks realy great! I guess it’s the one of the best themes You made.

  28. Great theme.. Love the collection of elegant themes…:)

  29. I really like it. It is really clean to give a professional look! Way to go!

  30. White and Lite: Like it.

    How about a drag and drop format, custom sized boxes (purpose TBD) in all white with elegant themes great dashboard for color control, etc?

    Great work Nick and team:)

  31. Very Nice..
    Looking forward.
    Many business clients LIKE clean and simple

  32. Nice! I’ll be one of the first to install it for my own biz website – been looking/waiting for something like this for a while.

  33. just amazing, cant wait to see demo because looks like what l have been waiting for !

  34. Nova in LeabBiz is are my favorite themes, and this has attributes from both!

  35. Loving it!

    • I’m with you on this one, Trent!

  36. Looks great layout. filterable portfolio would be cherry on the cake.

  37. Looks very good 😀

  38. Nice one.. thank you for listening to your customers and providing what we’re looking for…this is the best theme to replace Professional.

  39. looks great. please test it with ipad!

  40. Minimal Impressive design, is that Responsive?

    • I am adding to the same question: Responsive?

      • Yes, Trim will be responsive.

  41. nice theme

  42. It’s waited for this style of stuff….

    business and responsive………

    Thanks, ET…..

  43. Looks nice shot!

    Hope to complete soon… Best of Luck! 🙂

  44. Clean and elegant. Just what I had hoped for. Looking forward to see this in action.

  45. Gorgeous looking!
    Keep it up! I cant wait for the release!


  46. I like it. The simplicity will appeal to business customers.

  47. Great! Just what I have been looking for. Will definitely use this one for my site. Love the idea someone mentioned that you can swap around the content. Really excited!

  48. FINALLY! 😀

  49. Looks good, but everything was already there, or am I wrong?

  50. Excellent!
    when will be available?

  51. Love the clean look if this theme! Can’t wait for release 🙂

  52. I want … I need this theme on my site!

  53. Elegant theme. Bookmarked it , waiting for the release.

  54. Thanks, this is just what the doctor order. A clean professional business theme, something really usable. I can see a new look on my site coming soon 🙂

  55. Nick… This is perfect for a business site while still having the trademark ET style!

    Great job once again! Have a couple clients in mind for this theme already… 😉

  56. Yes, it’s time to go to (clear) love …
    I’m waiting for the demo.

  57. Certainly enjoying the new post frequency! This looks like it will be one slick and versatile theme!

  58. Looks good as always!
    Tanks 😀

  59. This website is a perfect addition, in my opinion, to the gallery of designs. It’s true that some of the designs are a little too “high end” for the average business. This theme, however, will work great for many different business types.

    Look forward to its completion!

  60. Roach,

    This is, in my opinion, the best looking theme thus far. I agree with the idea that your previous themes are too “style oriented”; they’ve been very web-2.0-ish. Not that they aren’t incredible! You manipulation of the WordPress framework is, in a word, mystical. I design themes myself and am constantly blown away by what you and your team are capable of. That being said, this is the first suitable business theme I’ve seen from ET, and it looks impressive. Can’t wait to use it!

  61. Looks great!
    Can’t wait the release

  62. Nice!
    When can we expect this one out? Will it be available with ecommerce built in?

  63. I hope it will RTL.

  64. Looks nice, I would suggest to add option, to insert widget or banner in header automaticaly. It would be nice to do it for all themes. Top of the page is the most useful part of the site, so it needs to be flexible and usable as much as possible.

  65. looks great – on my wishlist is the opportunity to have content in the blurbs independent from pages….

  66. Does it support multi-language on slider unlike Nova theme?

  67. Always love the themes my only comment is i wish it had time expectancy on themes, I usually get hyped when i see an ET theme and then it takes so long before it releases.

    So in future releases I would request that a launch date be set, although it may happen that it can be set back but at least i wouldn’t get disappointed by knowing i have to wait so long.

  68. I love it! I wish it was out today as it is PERFECT for a site I’m wanting to build. 😀

    Can’t wait!

  69. Ohhhhhh – Awesome! I love this theme Nick – hardly wait to see the demo. And responsive too – just perfect.

  70. Looks Good, I would like to see a darker widget area at the bottom for citation info, map and links so that it can be used for local business.

    The key for me is how flexible it is on the layout.

    When will it be out?

  71. This one has the potential to become a popular choice for small businesses.

    Hope there will be enough options to change styles and layouts so we don’t see same designs too often 🙂

  72. This is perfect. I will definitely take membership for this theme. When it will be released?

    • Hopefully within 1-2 weeks.

  73. I hope it would be possible to change the background into a dark color like grey stone. I don’t like those themes where white background is the only option, like in LeanBiz, SimplePress, Evolution and ElegantState.

    • Thanks for the suggestion. We will consider adding some other BG options.

  74. WOW, awesome theme 🙂

  75. @Nick – Will those reformatted “our recent work” and “from the blog” widgets be available in the other themes, such as Chameleon? Their layout is exactly what I am looking for in those sections.

    • These sections will be for this theme only I’m afraid.

  76. @Nick – What are the dimensions of the main slider image (960 x 332)?

  77. Looks and idea ‘business’ site theme. Got a few projects for this. Any idea on release date?

    • It should be ready within 1-2 weeks.

      • Looking forward to this theme, just what I need.

      • Thanks you the good work

      • Are you talking 1-2 weeks from now or 1-2 weeks from when you posted this originally?

  78. If light means very improved loading speed, then You hit the nail on the head!!

  79. Hi, I am preparing low cost websites to SMBs. This theme is the right choice for most of company websites. I look forward to hear new templates for companies like this. For example, a theme which includes product showcase, customer login, etc. would be awesome. Pls, keep creating themes for corporate websites. WP is far beyond blogging or hobby sites.

  80. I like it! Will definitely be using this one across my portfolio of website.

    Flashy sites are pretty to look at, but they’re not practical for heavy, regular use.

    Impatient to see the plugin that was developed for Convertible theme being made available across all themes and multiple pages… it’s really slick!

  81. Looks brilliant! I’d love it if it came in a black version as well, it would feel like a completely different theme just for the darkness of it.

  82. Super awesome..

    Thanks a lot i love it.. i was looking for something similar. hope it helps me out now..

  83. Finally you got a theme thats simple and clean ideal for the look on my blog as well.

  84. Hi, another very nice design. However in an attempt to give some constructive critique. I am in general not so thrilled about the navigation buttons in slide shows headings often used in elegant themes designs. Here together with an description text and in other themes with images. I much prefer to have the navigation aid’s hidden like for example in Envisioned theme. Further for me it is common to show just one image or one message (referring to one page) at the home page heading, and if so the arrows and other navigation aid’s is disturbing and unmotivated. So my personally view is that it would be nice if all navigation buttons where hidden in slideshows designs and that they disappeared if one choose to have just one image/text, especially in an minimalistic designed theme.

    PS Aggregate has a nice embedded video, should it not be part of shortcodes?

  85. Looks just fine, might use it for one of my new projects.

  86. Very nice!

  87. Hi there !
    Very nice theme, simple but design !
    Do you know when Trim will be available for use ?
    Another thing, I see that most of the Elegant themes doesn’t used the tags. Is it the case with Trim or tags will be displayed like categories ?
    Thanks for your work.
    Best regards,

  88. Can’t wait for this to come out, is perfect for a professional setting, such as a dental office (which is what I will happen to be using it for 🙂 ). Great work!

  89. Nice and clean looking design. Think I may change my personal website to this theme when it comes out
    Mark Daynes

  90. Nick,
    Trim is a clean, versatile, Elegant business theme. Shows correctly on ipads and mobile? Great!

    Thanks always,

    PS Thanks for going extra mile to make your new & current themes responsive. Super time saver for us. Upgrading to developer … landed client just from showing my site.

  91. Gorgeous this theme is awesome and looks real nice!

  92. With Trim, I put my style on a diet and tried to create something extremely clean and versatile.

  93. Hey!

    May I ask what is the shortcode for Dropcaps and how can I change the color of the menu on my homepage? I am asking for a detailed info because I am a beginner.

    Thank you for oyur help!

  94. Nice and usefull 😀

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