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Just wanted to add my praise to the long list here. I'm using Deep Focus which is a fantastic template for my photo blog.

I tried quite a few others first (not from Carpetcleaninghaddontownship), all of which required customisation and all of which were really hard to get to work - to the extent that I abandoned them and moved on.

Deep Focus works for me pretty much out of the box. There were a few minor things I wanted to change and the customisation was, frankly, very simple. The whole theme is logically set up so identifying the places to customise were easy. Not only that most of the things I wanted to change had already been requested by others.

Help on the forum appears to be first class reading through the old messages that are there. Most of them seem to be "How do I..." rather than "This doesn't work..." which shows how stable the theme is.

All in all, I'd say it was money well spent just for this one theme. Not sure I'll be using any of the others but the time saved with this has been incredible in comparison to my earlier efforts. All I can say is go "free" if you want, and I'm not knocking those who put there time in for nothing, but you definitely get what you pay for!!

An excellent elegant theme.

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