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Great quality products for a very economic price and fantastic competent support. This is something I have honestly not found during the last 12 years of Internet professional work as an author and publisher. Nick Roach and his team are very astute professionals who know what they are doing and who are not, as so many designers, phishing for exorbitant charges and remunerations. This is absolutely the exception in the industry, as I know it for sure. I am a one-man company since 1996, having written more than ten thousand book pages, realized 46 music CDs and 150+ videos and nothing of that was ever professionally published. I have set out to do it all on my own and had to realize that I was etching the borders of my capacities, as I have nobody to help me. But I was able to publish it all with Frontpage and do some sales, only to see I was constantly downgraded in Google for reasons I only understood years later. It was Frontpage's wrong coding that was responsible for this. I then started some months ago with Wordpress and did a test site and within only days, I was placed in Google at the 15th place for a keyword, and two Google staff posted appreciative comments on my page, that absolutely dumbfounded me. That changed my whole perception and I decided to stay with Wordpress and learn its code. But I realized it was a steep learning curve for somebody who not a programmer, but I got slowly ahead. It was through your support that I made robust progress over the last two months and could get a feeling of confidence that I could get to achieve my goal, that is to transcode virtually thousands of html pages into Wordpress pages.

Thanks so much for the good work you are doing. Here is somebody who really appreciates it!
Pierre F. Walter
Docteur en droit
Geneva (1987)
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